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  • pre-shampoo treatment with olive oil

    Oil Pre-Shampoo: Why It Works And How To Do It

    My craziest beauty hack? I pre-shampoo my hair with olive oil. It’s a staple in my kitchen (can you tell I’m Italian?). I pour it over salads, add a few drops to any sauce, and generously splash it over bruschetta. And when my hair became all dry, brittle and unmanageable after years of dying it […]


  • silicone buildup

    How To Easily Remove Silicone Buildup From Hair

    Silicone build up is a NON-problem. There, I said it. If you’ve stopped using conditioners or styling products with silicones because you thought they’d build up on your hair, you can go back to them now. Not convinced? Hear me out: What Are Silicones? Silicones are derived from silica, a common mineral that makes up […]


  • can you open hair cuticles

    Can You Open Up Hair Cuticles For Better Conditioning?

    “Open the cuticles with warm water before you apply conditioner. It’ll help it better penetrate your hair and make it stronger.” If I had a penny for every time I’ve heard this advice, I’d be rich… Problem is, it doesn’t work! Let me explain… You Don’t Want To Open Hair Cuticles! Like all junk science […]


  • slipping hair clip trick

    How To Prevent Hair clips From Slipping

    I often use hair clips to keep a small section of my hair from continually slipping in front of my eyes. Or to keep in place the more elaborate hairdos I sometimes wear on special occasions. Problem is,some hair clips don’t grip hair as tightly as they should. They stubbornly insist on slipping down, ruining […]


  • hair combing damage

    Does Combing Damage Hair?

    Did you know? Something as innocuous as combing your hair can do a lot of damage. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you shouldn’t comb your locks. I’m saying not to do it absent-mindedly. That’s when the damage happens. If you find that your hair looks worse after combing, here’s what to do: How […]


  • what to do at the hair salon

    How do you pass the time at the hair salon?

    Do you visit hair salons regularly? I haven’t been to one in more than a year now (gasp!). It’s not that I’m too lazy to go, I just haven’t found a salon I really like. Either the hair stylist’s skills didn’t impress me or the atmosphere at their salon was so standoffish. You know what […]