• light therapy for skin

    Light Therapy For Skin: What Is It And Does It Work?

    Who said that all light is bad for skin? Sure, you won’t find me sunbathing at the beach on a sizzling hot summer day. That’s a recipe for wrinkles, wrinkles, and more wrinkles. Oh, and cancer, too. But I do enjoy the odd LED light treatment every now and then. Or I did, before Covid-19 […]


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    Why You Should Use A Serum

    I have a confession to make. For years, I didn’t use a serum. I thought it was just one of those skincare gimmicks that suck your money dry, but don’t really do anything for your skin. Not if you’re using a good moisturizer, anyway. “Wouldn’t I just pay twice for the same thing?,” the cynic […]


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    Is Avobenzone In Sunscreen Dangerous?

    Can you guess what’s the most used UV filter in the whole world? *drumroll* Avobenzone! The reason is simple: it’s the only UVA filter available all over the world that doesn’t turn your face into a white, greasy mess (Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide can do that). But, it seems like the tide is turning. […]