better powder or cream blush

Are you Team Cream or Team Powder? Blush, that is.

I’m Team Powder, but more out of habit than anything else. Every time I use a cream blush, I can’t help but wonder why I don’t more often. I love the natural flush it gives my cheeks. But, come the next day, powder blushes drive me back to them.

Still, I wouldn’t say that powder blushes are better than cream ones. It just depends on your skin type and what look you are trying to achieve:


Powder blushes can absorb excess oil, making them an excellent choice for ladies with combination and oily skin. They also tend to give a more matte, polished finish to the skin.

Cream blushes, are moisturising. More suitable for dry and mature skin, cream blushes provide a dewy flush, like you’ve just… well, blushed. They give skin a more youthful appearance and look more natural on.

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Sheerer than powder blushes, cream ones are easier to build up. You have more control on how intense you want the colour to be, and you never have to worry about clown cheeks.

That’s always a risk with highly pigmented powder blushes – especially if you have fair skin. I love being a pale princess, but that can make blush application challenging.

The trick, with very pigmented powder blushes, is to use a light hand and a stippling brush. This type of brush picks up less product, giving you more control over application. If you need to, you can always add more, but I find that’s rarely necessary.

With sheer or medium pigmented blushes, a big fluffy brush works best. It makes application quicker and just as precise. In both cases, though, you can take your time in blending out harsh edges and blotchy patches.

Setting Time

Cream blushes tend to set quickly, and once they do, they are pretty hard to remove. To avoid streaked and marbled cheeks (ugh!), you’re forced to hurriedly blend them in. You can do so with your fingers but, if you don’t want to stain them, a stippling brush does the job very well too.

Staying Power

My main gripe with cream blushes is their short staying power. Most cream blushes last only 6 or 7 hours on my dry cheeks. That’s not bad, but with powders, I can just forget I have them on at all. Most of the colour is usually still there when I take my makeup off late at night.

Can You Use Cream And Powder Blush Together?

For a really longlasting glow and pop of colour, use them together. Apply first a cream blush as a base, and then a powder blush in a similar colour on top of it. This way, you can just forget about touch ups. The colour won’t budge. I usually do this when the weather start getting warm, so I don’t have to worry about the heat melting my face.

What Are The Best Blushes?

Do you prefer cream blushes or powder blushes? Share your fave in the comments below.