the best Clinique skincare products

And the awards for “Best Clinique Products” goes to…

Oh my, was it hard to pick. Clinique is one of the few skincare brands I bother to check out at department stores.

While everyone else (yes, La Mer, I’m looking at you) asks you for a kidney for a basic moisturising cream, Clinique fills its little tubes and bottles with plenty of antioxidants, acne fighters and all sorts of goodies to help you achieve clear and bright skin – you know, the reason why you’re buying skincare in the first place.

Heck, they even have a vitamin C serum that works. You know how rare that is?! Of course, that made the cut.

You want to know what else is on the list? Let’s get on with it then. Here are the 5 best Clinique products for your skin:

Best Sunscreen: Clinique Pep-Start Daily UV Protector Broad Spectrum SPF 50 ($19.50)

Warning: if you don’t like silicones, Clinique Pep-Start Daily UV Protector Broad Spectrum SPF 50 is NOT for you. Me, I don’t mind them. For starters, silicones don’t suffocate skin. That’s a common myth that needs to die. Plus, they make the texture easy to spread, fill in fine lines and wrinkles so they look smaller and make skin velvety soft. But the stars of the show are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, two gentle UV filters that protect from the entire UV range without irritating skin. Usually, they’d leave a white cast behind but the peachy tint takes care of that. It’s still a little thick, though.

Available at: NordstromSephora and Ulta

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Best Makeup Remover: Clinique Take The Day Off ($28.50)

I swear by Clinique Take The Day Off. Its mix of emollients and plant oils quickly removes all traces of dirt, excess oil, and waterproof makeup from skin without drying it out. It’s gentle, effective, and fragrance-free. Literally anyone can use it.

Available at: Asos, Feel Unique, Look Fantastic, Sephora, and Ulta

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clinique fresh pressed renewing powder cleanser

Best For Anti-Aging: Clinique Fresh Pressed Daily Booster With Pure Vitamin C 10% ($76.50)

I know what you’re thinking: isn’t 10% too low? Not if you have sensitive skin. High concentrations of vitamin C can sting and irritate your skin, putting you off it. You don’t want that. Vitamin C is an antiaging superstar: it fights free radicals, boosts collagen and brightens the complexion. Even at 10%. The real con is that it has no ferulic acid or vitamin E, two antioxidants that can boost the effectiveness of vitamin C – you need to get them from somewhere else. Still, Clinique Fresh Pressed Daily Booster With Pure Vitamin C 10% has plenty other antioxidants (ironic, isn’t it?) so it’ll still do a lot to prevent the signs of aging.

Available at: Feel Unique, Nordstrom, Sephora and Ulta

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Best For Acne-Prone Skin: Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Charcoal Mask ($25.50)

Is your oily skin shinier than a frying pan? Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Charcoal Mask uses a combination of clays and charcoal powder to soak away all excess oil, leaving your skin matte for hours. Plus, less oil on your skin = less breakouts and blackheads. Did I mention Clinique added a sprinkle of antioxidants to help prevent premature wrinkles? For best results, use it a couple of nights a week.

Available at: Feel Unique, Look Fantastic, Nordstrom, and Sephora

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Best Cleanser: Clinique Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam ($20.00)

Looking for a foaming cleanser for your sensitive, oily skin? Clinique Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam fits the bill. It removes dirt and light (not waterproof) makeup well, without leaving skin tight, dry, or irritated. Bonus points: it’s fragrance-free.

Available at: Feel Unique and Ulta

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