5 worst skincare mistakes I made

What are the worst skincare mistakes you’ve ever made?

Me, I could write a book about them. Like, all those years I went without sunscreen because no one bothered to tell me the sun gives you wrinkles. Or the times when I went to bed without makeup because I was too lazy to take it off. Ugh.

I cringe when I think about it now but… you don’t know what you don’t know. And I want you to know before it’s too late.

That’s why I’m sharing my worst skincare mistakes with you today – so you won’t have to learn the hard way like I did!

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Skincare Mistakes #1: Not Using Sunscreen Daily

Not using sunscreen every single day since I was a little girl is the biggest skincare mistake I’ve ever made – by far.

I didn’t know it back then, but UV rays are to blame for up to 90% of premature aging. Those wrinkles you blame on genetics? Nah. Playing with your friends outdoors without sunscreen in the summer gave you those.

My mum always warned to wear a hat but she never mentioned sunscreen once. Back then, it was something you only wore at the beach. For many Italians, it’s still like that. *sighs*

FYI, don’t think sunscreen is only a summer thing. Those pesky UV rays can penetrate through clouds and windows and even be reflected on snow. Rain or shine, until the sun comes down, your skin’s not safe.

The Fix

Wear sunscreen EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. You’ll save yourself a lot of wrinkles and dark spots (and reduce your risk of skin cancer, too).

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Skincare Mistakes #2: Not Knowing My Skin Type

Like most teens, my skin used be on oil overdrive and covered in pimples. Ugh.

I blamed it on hormones. But it was all my fault. Little did I know back then that slathering a rich cream like Nivea all over my oily face was a sure recipe for pimples.

My skin type needed lightweight gels but… I had no idea. Heck, I didn’t even know what my skin type was! Once I’ve figured that out, the breakouts disappeared.

The Fix

Figure out what your skin type is and use products that suit it. If you don’t know how, take the test here.

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Skincare Mistakes #3: Not Choosing Skincare Products Wisely

This is closely related to mistake #2, obviously. If I had no idea what my skin type was, so my oily criteria to buy skincare products was the price. The cheaper, the better (hey, I was a broke teenager back then).

No wonder most of the stuff I used didn’t work – or made things worse. It’s not that they were bad products (ok, a few were), they just weren’t the right products for me.

These days, I know better. When I’m shopping for new skincare products, I look for textures and ingredients my combo skin can’t leave without.

The Fix

Step 1: Figure out what ingredients can fix your skincare woes:

Step 2: Look for skincare products rich in the ingredients your skin type needs.

Step 3: Use them.

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Skincare Mistakes #4: Not Removing Makeup Before Going To Bed

I know, I know. I should have known better.

But, when you come home at 4am after a night out clubbing with your friends, all you want is your bed. Even the thought of staying up for 5 more minutes to take off my makeup was too much.

Of course, I paid the price. Often, a pimple or two would pop on my chin or nose a few days later.

I count myself like. Sleeping with your makeup on can also cause irritations, and, in some rare cases, even infections. Ouch!

The Fix

Take off your makeup every night. Don’t even think of using wipes. All that rubbing irritates your skin and, in the long run, gives you wrinkles. Instead, opt for oil-based cleansers that melt away even the most stubborn makeup in a minute.

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Skincare Mistakes #5: Not Caring For The Rest Of My Body

You’d think moisturising after a shower is a given but… I didn’t do it back then. I didn’t exfoliate either. It’s like the rest of my body didn’t exist. *sighs*

The worst was my hands. I never bothered with hand cream until, in winter, they got so dry and cracked, they started to bleed. Stupid, I know.

These days, I moisturise all over.

The Fix

Take care of your body like you take care of your face. If not, your face may look younger, but everything else will give away your real age!

What skincare mistakes did you make when you were younger? Share them in the comments below.