• zelens transformer instant renewal mask

    If Your Dry Skin Can’t Tolerate Glycolic Acid, Try This

    Dr Lens, founder of Zelens, HATES Glycolic Acid. I don’t. I’m a HUGE fan. But, I must admit he has a point. GA is awesome at exfoliating skin and pumping up collagen production, but it can  be irritating (it’s why I NEVER recommend it to sensitive skin). So, what does he uses instead? Lactobionic Acid. It’s […]


  • vitamin d in skincare

    Can You Get Your Vitamin D Fix From A Cream?

    Can you get your Vitamin D fix from a cream? Getting it from foods is hard. Barely any have it! The sun gives you plenty – together with wrinkles and dark spots. A supplement seems like the safest bet, but what if you don’t like to pop a pill? It’s tempting to turn to the […]


  • holiday gift guide 2018

    Skincare Holiday Gift Guide 2018

    It’s that time of the year again. The time when you’re supposed to Christmas shop for your friends but all the skincare deals are so good, you’re secretly buying most of the stuff for yourself (or is that just me?). If you’re torn on what to buy because everything looks so tempting, here’s my super […]