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  • urea for dry and sensitive skin

    The Best Skincare Routine For Dry Skin

    I learned to take care of my dry skin the hard way. It all started when I moved to London. The harsh winters, the unrelenting winds that blow all day long and the high temperatures indoors were no match for my dry skin: they sucked all the moisture out of it, leaving it all dry […]


  • the best hand creams

    What Are The Best Hand Creams?

    What are the best hand creams? I know ya all want to talk about antiaging serums and lightweight sunscreens but guess what? It doesn’t matter what you do to your face – if you don’t take care of your hands, they’re gonna betray your real age. Fast. Problem is, most hand creams out there are […]


  • The Worst Skincare Products Of 2018

    What are the worst skincare products of 2018 for you? Boy, I hate making this list. I don’t like it when skincare products don’t work. Ruins all the fun, doesn’t it? But you know what I like even less? Not talking about bad skincare products. Cos if something has no chance of working for you, […]


  • When Less Is More: How To Take Care Of Normal Skin

    If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it. That’s how I feel about normal skin. You ladies have won the skincare jackpot. Your skin never pumps out too much oil. You don’t know what dryness and blemishes are. Wrinkles haven’t creeped up on your face yet. Everything’s working as it should. So does that mean you […]