• how to apply sunscreen

    How To Apply Sunscreen The Right Way

    I used to roll my eyes when someone tried to tell me how to apply sunscreen. Dude, how difficult can it be? Pour a small amount of cream on your hands, rub it all over your body, wait 20 minutes and go out in the sun. Job done. Except, I still got a sunburn every […]


  • What is the right order to apply skincare products?

    Are you applying your skincare products in the right order? *scratches head* Skincare used to be so easy. Cleanse. Tone. Moisturise. Go out the door. Now you can’t leave the house without sunscreen. And an antioxidant serum or two. Plus, an exfoliant. And… what the heck are essences now?! Your skincare routine is getting longer […]


  • prevent and remove milia seeds

    How To Prevent and Treat Milia Seeds

    What the heck are those tiny those white bumps around your eyes?! They’re white, but they’re not whiteheads. They’re too small to be pimples. And it doesn’t look like your skin is irritated either… What’s going on? Milia seeds. Or white bumps on your eyelids, as we all like to call them. They’re common but super […]