• how to apply sunscreen

    How To Apply Sunscreen The Right Way

    I used to roll my eyes when someone tried to tell me how to apply sunscreen. Dude, how difficult can it be? Pour a small amount of cream on your hands, rub it all over your body, wait 20 minutes and go out in the sun. Job done. Except, I still got a sunburn every […]


  • goldefaden md facial detox clarify + clear mask

    How To Read A Skincare Ingredient List (Even If You Hate Science)

    The law is clear: beauty products must declare their ingredients on the packaging. It’s to keep you safe. If you know something’s in there’s bad for you, you won’t buy it. Crisis averted. Except… How the heck are you supposed to make sense of that incomprehensible long list of chemicals? It’s not like anyone ever […]