• skinsense by abi cleeve

    Why are preservatives used in cosmetics?

    Once upon a time in Skincareland, a group of skincare fanatics gave birth to a natural line of creams and lotions. They invited all their friends to celebrate. The Antioxidant family was there, with its many children in tow. Mrs Shea Butter was twirling on the dancefloor with her soothing partner, Mr Aloe Vera. The […]

  • phenoxyethanol

    Is Phenoxyethanol A Safer Alternative To Parabens?

    Move over, parabens! There’s a new preservative in town. It’s called Phenoxyethanol. Rumour has it, it’s gentler, safer and still as effective at keeping bacteria and other nasties out of your skincare products. Is that too good to be true? Here’s what the science says: What The Heck Is Phenoxyethanol? Phenoxyethanol is an ethylene glycol […]

  • Natural Preservatives in Skincare Products: Are They Really Safer?

    Preservatives are a necessary evil. If you don’t want fuzzy little bacteria to grow in your fave moisturizer, you need to use some sort of poison (for them, not us) to kill them off. But, why do brands have to use stuff that releases formaldehyde or parabens, I hear you ask? Can’t they use something […]

  • Parabens Are Safe: Why Science Says You Shouldn’t Fear Them

    You know how everybody says parabens are dangerous? I don’t agree with them. Me loves some parabens. What Are Parabens? Parabens is a family of ingredients based on parahydroxybenzoic acid. Its members, like in any other family, are closely related and have lots of stuff in common. But, each one of them also has its […]

  • Parabens Alternatives: Which Ones Are Safe And Effective?

    You’d think that getting rid of parabens would make cosmetics safer. Quite the opposite, my friend. Badger sunscreens, Kutol hand and body lotions, and Nutek baby wipes are just some of the products that had to be recalled in the past few years because of bacteria or yeast contamination! Imagine opening your fave moisturizer and find […]

  • parabens and formaldehyde controversy

    Do Parabens Release Formaldehyde?

    You know the whole “parabens are the devil” thing? It’s total nonsense. I’ve debunked it all here. But, there’s one thing I’ve forgotten to touch on. Formaldehyde. Parabens, those little preservatives that keep your cosmetics safe from germs and bacteria, are often accused of releasing this nasty stuff. Is that true or is it just another […]