• matrixyl 3000

    Is Matrixyl 3000 A New And Improved Version Of Anti-Aging Peptide Matrixyl?

    Did you know that Matrixyl isn’t just one ingredient? There’s the original Matrixyl and there’s Matrixyl 3000, a distant cousin developed by the same corporation, Sederma. Yep, just when you thought skincare couldn’t have become more confusing… Matrixyl 3000 is said to be a better version than it predecessor, yet not many skincare brands are […]

  • Paula's Choice peptide booster

    Paula’s Choice Peptide Booster: Does It Work?

    Wait, didn’t Paula Begoun swear for years peptides don’t work? Yes – and then she changed her mind. Whether she caved in to customers or marketing pressure (certainly NOT science, that ain’t there yet), a few years ago Paula’s Choice came out with her own peptide booster – aptly called Paula’s Choice Peptide Booster. Yep, […]

  • the ordinary buffet + copper peptides 1% 03

    Are Copper Peptides Better Than Retinoids?

    Have you heard? Copper is the latest metal to make its way into your serums and moisturisers, in the form of copper peptides. Once again, The Ordinary made this active popular – and confused skincare fanatics who have no idea how to use them or what they even do. Using metals in skincare is nothing […]

  • medik8 liquid peptides 02

    Which Type Of Peptides Work Best To Repair Skin?

    The world of peptides is a minefield. There are like 100 out there. They all promise to get rid of your wrinkles, firm your skin and take 10 years off your face. How the heck are you supposed to make sense of all this nonsense and choose the right peptides for you?! The ones that really […]

  • The Ordinary Revolution Matrixyl dupe

    Are They Dupes? The Ordinary Matrixyl 10% + HA VS Revolution Skincare Matrixyl 10%

    If there’s a peptide that may really fight wrinkles, it’s Matrixyl. With most peptides, you have to take the manufacturer’s word they work. I’m not saying they’re lying, but they do have an interest in hyping up their anti-aging properties. Matrixyl has some independent research backing up its anti-wrinkle claims. We just don’t how well […]