• nimue day

    Can This Moisturiser Really Be Used During The Day?

    Nimue Day is a day moisturiser. Yet, the brand recommends you avoid sun exposure when you use it. Is it only me who thinks it’s weird? I mean… shouldn’t it be called Nimue Night if you can’t wear it when the sun is out? Turns out, you can wear it both day and night. Here’s […]


  • nimue exfoliating enzyme

    I’ve Tried An Enzyme Exfoliant And This Is What Happened

    I’m surprised Nimue came out with an enzyme exfoliant. Why? Nimue is a cosmeceuticals brand. In theory, cosmeceuticals contain higher concentrations of active ingredients, like retinol and glycolic acid. That’s what I expected. A 15% glycolic acid exfoliant or something similar. Instead, they opted for enzymes, the most unreliable exfoliating family on the skincare block. […]


  • nimue conditioner lite

    Does Your Skin Need Conditioner?

    I’m confused. Is Nimue Conditioner Light a hair conditioner or does skin needs a conditioner too, now? None of these things. Nimue Conditioner Light is just a toner. I know, why not call it that in the first place? Sometimes, I wonder if brands get any kicks from confusing the heck out of us… Rant […]


  • nimue cleansing milk

    Is A Cosmeceutical Cleanser Better Than A Regular Cleanser?

    Is a cosmeceutical cleanser better than a regular cleanser? In theory, cosmeceuticals contain higher concentrations of active ingredients to give you better and faster results, but does that apply to cleansers, too? After all, they don’t really stay on the skin long enough to do much, apart from cleansing skin (obvs…). I’ve put Nimue Cleansing […]