• alpha h essential hydration cream

    Is Alpha-H Essential Hydration Cream An Essential For Dry Skin?

    Is Alpha-H Essential Hydration Cream an essential for dry skin? If you know me, you know I hesitate to call anything an essential. But if it works, it may as well become an essential for you. Does it work? What’s In Alpha-H Essential Hydration Cream? GLYCERIN TO HYDRATE SKIN Let’s start with the basics. Glycerin […]


  • bioderma sensibio AR

    What Are The Best Moisturisers For Sensitive Skin?

    “Help! How do you find a moisturiser that doesn’t irritate sensitive skin?!” I hear ya. Finding the right skincare products for your needs is hard enough without your skin throwing a tantrum every five minutes. “This has too much fragrance. Keep it away from me.” “That has lots of retinol. I’m too delicate for that.’ […]


  • vichy slow age fluid moisturizer

    Can Vichy Slow Age Fluid Moisturiser Fight Environmental Damage?

    Ever wondered who you have to thank for those pesky wrinkles? It’s all the Exposome’s fault. Huh? Exposome is a fancy name for environmental factors. You know, pollution, sun exposure, stress… the usual culprits. You fight it with antioxidants. Sunscreen. Probiotics, even. At least, that’s Vichy Slow Age Fluid Moisturiser does it. Here’s everything you […]


  • neutrogena-hydro-boost-water-gel

    Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel: Is It Really Suitable For Dry Skin?

    Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel is one of those moisturizers I would have snubbed until a couple of years ago. No, not because it’s drugstore. Olay Total Effects is one of my fave moisturizers, and it’s drugstore, too. No, it’s because it has NO antioxidants. Its formula only hydrates skin. It has no anti-aging properties. But after a […]