• azelaic acid in skincare

    Is Azelaic Acid The Best Treatment For Acne, Rosacea, And Dark Spots?

    Why don’t more people know about Azelaic Acid?! This little gem has been dermatologists’ best-kept secret for decades. They’re using it to treat all kinds of skin problems, from stubborn dark spots to inflamed cystic acne and unpredictable rosacea. It’s one of those rare ingredients that does the job without irritating skin and leaving it […]


  • the ordinary mandelic acid 10 + HA

    Mandelic Acid: What It Is And How It Benefits Skin

    Have you tried every exfoliating acid under the sun but your skin can’t tolerate any of them? Glycolic acid turns your skin red and flaky. Salicylic acid is a little too drying. Heck, even lactic acid is a little too harsh. Scrubs are not even an option. They’re more irritating than all of the above […]


  • best hydroquinone skincare products

    What Are The Best Skincare Products With Hydroquinone?

    What are the best skincare products with hydroquinone? The prescription ones. This skin-lightener is so powerful – and controversial – at fading away dark spots and hyperpigmentation that in most countries a dermatologist must prescribe it to you. The exception? The US. You can still find skincare products with small % of hydroquinone OTC there. […]


  • resveratrol for hyperpigmentation

    Resveratrol For Skin-Lightening: A Natural Alternative To Hydroquinone?

    The market for skincare products that lighten and brighten skin is huge! Whether you’re looking to directly target dark spots or you’re just after an overall brighter complexion, these products are the way to go. The playground of brightening products has been ruled by ingredients such as hydroquinone, arbutin, azelaic acid, niacinamide, and vitamin C […]