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  • ecooking starter kit with cleansing milk

    3 Ecooking Skincare Products You Need (And One You Don’t)

    Remember when we talked about Ecooking last month? A little recap: it’s a Danish natural skincare line Tina Søgaard “literally” cooked up in her kitchen when she couldn’t find products to fix her dull and grey skin. I’ve been playing around with the Ecooking Starter Kit With Cleansing Milk for a while and have shared […]


  • mad hippie hydrating nutrient mist

    The Hydrating Mist That Helps You Boost Your Sun Protection

    This year, I’m switching things up. Instead of a hyaluronic acid serum, I’m going with a hyaluronic acid mist. I apply it like a toner. After cleansing, I spray Mad Hippie Hydrating Nutrient Mist into my hands and massage it onto my face, neck and chest. I’m not gonna deny it, it felt weird at […]


  • mavala skincare range

    Mavala Does Skincare: My Thoughts On The New Range

    If I could use only one nail polish brand for the rest of my life, I’ve pick Mavala. Their nail polishes are housed in tiny little bottles that I can actually finish. They dry super fast so I never ruin my new manicure. I can choose between a gazillion colours so I never get bored. […]