• cyberderm-exfoliant-reveal-glycolic-acid-treatment

    Can Cyberderm Exfoliant Reveal Reveal Healthy, Brighter Skin?

    Just because you’re called The Sunscreen Company, it doesn’t mean that you only have to stick to making sunscreen. You can also make products that fight all the nasty side effects of sun exposure, like dark spots, for example. Case in point: Cyberderm Exfoliant Reveal (by The Sunscreen Company) does just that. It’s loaded with […]

  • colbert-md-tone-control-facial-discs

    Is This The Most Travel-Friendly Exfoliator Ever?

    I’m on a roll. I used to avoid exfoliating pads like the plague and now I can’t get enough of them. The Neostrata pads started it. I love that those aren’t pre-soaked so I know I’ll be able to finish them before they dry up. But, they’re not travel-friendly. And, as you’re reading this, I’m […]

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    I Was On The Fence About Exfoliating Pads Until I Tried These

    Have you ever used exfoliating pads? I’m totally new to them. I do get my glycolic acid fix a few times a week, don’t get me wrong on that. It’s just that I prefer to get it from a bottle. There’s just something about these soaked exfoliating pads that had always put me off. Maybe […]

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    I’ve Tried The Sandwich Cleansing Routine. This Is What Happened

    What’s the secret to beautiful skin? A. Snail slime B. Kale C. Cleansing Yeah, Korean skincare is awesome and you need to eat your kale, but… C is the winner! Congrats for guessing right, you smart beauty! Just think of all the crap that lands on your face during the day. Pollution. Dirt. Oil. Makeup […]