• best kate somerville skincare products

    What Are The Best Kate Somerville Products?

    What are the best Kate Somerville skincare products? Hint: it’s not ExfoliKate. I know, hard to believe. But, like many popular products out there, it’s not all that’s hyped up to be. Exfolikate works, but it’s too harsh and fragranced to make the cut here. So where you should invest your hard-earned cash, instead? How […]

  • review Liz Earle gentle face exfoliator

    If You Must Use A Scrub, Make It Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator

    You know me, I don’t do scrubs. Chemical exfoliants are better in every way. They’re gentler on the skin and they go the extra mile. Salicylic acid, for example, unclogs pores – something no scrub can do. But what if your skin can’t tolerate acids or you just love a good scrub? That’s where Liz […]

  • nip + fab glycolic fix overnight purifying gel

    4 Reasons Why Chemical Exfoliants Are Better Than Scrubs

    I know ya all love to hate on chemicals, but I’m taking a stand for chemical exfoliants (those with exfoliating acids). Chemical exfoliants are better than physical exfoliants in every way. Hear me out. When I first started exfoliating, I’d use a scrub. Not that I had much choice in the matter. Scrubs were all […]

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    Glycolic Acid VS Lactic Acid: Which One Is Better For You?

    Glycolic Acid VS Lactic Acid: which team are you on? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, this is the ultimate battle for exfoliation. Both glycolic and lactic acids want to be the one to get those dead cells off your face and make your complexion glow. But only one can get the gig […]