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    Spotlight On Coenzyme Q10: Is It An Effective Antioxidant?

    “And the ‘Antioxidant Of The Year Award’ goes to….” *drumroll* “Coenzyme Q10!” Sorry, Vitamin C. You’re awesome and all, but this year, the spotlight’s on Coenzyme Q10. Since getting the Nivea gig, this little known antioxidant is popping up on the skincare aisles everywhere. But, how good is it? Is it an one hit wonder […]

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    The One Where I Try Japanese Skincare

    Can we talk about Japanese skincare? I feel like lately, it’s all about Korea, Korea, Korea. But before SoKo got good at marketing, Japanese skincare was the talk of town. So what happened? Are they so confident in their products, they don’t feel the need to market them as heavily? Or was it all just […]