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    Are They Dupes?: Creme De La Mer VS Nivea Creme

    When I reviewed Creme De La Mer, I compared it to Nivea Creme. The two have more in common than the fancy seaweed cream dares to admit. But just how similar are they? Could you just use Nivea Cream as a dupe of La Mer – and save yourself hundreds of dollars each year without […]

  • review creme de la mer

    Creme De La Mer: Is It Worth it?

    And the award for most hyped-up, outrageously expensive skincare cream goes to… Creme De La Mer! Look, I get it. Creme De La Mer has a cool story. NASA scientist Max Huber created it to heal his skin after an experiment blew up in his face. I mean, how many creams can say they were […]