• the best toners for sensitive skin

    The Best Toners For Sensitive Skin [2024]

    Ever wondered what are the best toners for sensitive skin? If you’re asking me (and if you’re here you are), if you have sensitive skin, you’re probably better off without toner. The more products you add to your skincare routine, the more chances something will irritate your skin. Ugh. The first products to avoid are […]

  • the best of cosrx

    What Are The Best Cosrx Skincare Products [2024]?

    What are the best Cosrx products? Boy, for once, was it hard to choose! I feel like a lot of Korean skincare is about moisture, moisture and more moisture only – and I’m not a big fan of that. Moisture is the foundation of great skin, but you need more than that, know what I […]

  • cosrx low ph good morning gel cleanser 01

    Cosrx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser: Double Cleansing In One Step?

    Do you measure the pH of your cleanser? Since word got out that anything with a high pH is terribly drying and irritating, everyone’s buying pH strips like they’re going out of business and testing every cleanser in their stash. Wouldn’t it be easier if a cleanser told you straight what its pH is?! Cosrx […]

  • 5 natural ways to heal fungal acne

    5 Natural Ways To Heal Fungal Acne That Really Work

    So, you got fungal acne? The first step is to rid your skincare routine of ANYTHING that could remotely feed Malassezia, the fungus that’s making your life miserable. I’ve written a post about how to do this here. The second step is to kill the damn fungus once and for all. But what if you’re […]

  • acid mantle

    The Best Skincare Routine For Combination Skin

    You think dealing with oily or dry skin is bad? Trying dealing with both. At the same time. Combination skin is a nightmare. I know because I have it. When I use products for oily skin, I banish the shine only to get drier cheeks. If I opt for richer formulas, my cheeks are happy, […]