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  • aveeno-daily-moisturising-body-yogurt

    Yogurt + Oats: The Best Combination For Dry, Itchy Skin?

    Every morning, I start off the day with a bowl of Greek yoghurt, berries and nuts sprinkled with coconut flakes. It’s a delicious breakfast that gives me all the energy I need until lunchtime without reaching for a cookie (or two, or three – once I start, I can’t stop). Added bonus: it helps my […]

  • creative energy candles spiced pomegranate

    Is This The Coolest Candle Ever?

    I’m probably the only beauty blogger who has never reviewed a candle before. I’m not a candle person. Skincare fascinates me. Perfume enchants me. Lipstick makes me feel powerful. But, a candle? It does nothing for me. Until I heard of Creative Energy Candles. When they melt, they turn into body balms. How cool is […]

  • calcot manor dry body oil spray 01

    Luxury On A Budget: Calcot Manor Dry Body Oil Spray

    When Calcot Manor Dry Body Oil Spray landed on my desk, my first thought was, “OMG, this stuff smells amazing!”. My second thought? “There’s no way this oil can hydrate my dry skin. Absolutely no way.” As far as oils go, Calcot Manor Dry Body Oil Spray is quite lightweight. My skin is parched dry. […]

  • Matching Your Body Lotion To Your Fragrance: Should You Do It?

    Do you love Clinique Aromatics Elixir so much you can’t get enough of it? Or, instead, you think the warm, floral chypre concoction is lovely but too strong for you? Either way, check out Aromatics Elixir Body Smoother. This lightweight body cream is infused with this classic scent – but it’s much easier to wear. […]