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    Top 7 Misleading Cosmetic Claims

    Do you ever wonder if anything that comes out of a brand’s mouth is true? You know they lie to you ALL the time to sell you crap you don’t need and, often, doesn’t even work. And you’ve learnt to smell the BS a mile away. You’re getting smarter. But so are they. Some of […]

  • melanoma myths

    4 Melanoma Myths Debunked!

    Did you know that melanoma kills 1 American every hour? That’s about 9,000 deaths in a year! The worst part? Melanoma is making more victims than ever. In the past 30 years, the number of melanoma cases kept rising up. Young women have it worst. Maybe it’s because we like to tan, but we’re melanoma’s […]

  • It’s Ok To Have Lead In Your Lipstick & Other Beauty Myths Busted

    Synopsis:Are you sick of outrageous beauty claims and over-priced products that don’t deliver? Tired of not knowing what to believe about products? Confused about who to trust for beauty tips and tricks? Well, worry no more. The popular science bloggers, The Beauty Brains, are back with another book full of informative and fun beauty advice. […]

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    Can Cold Water Close Pores?

    If I had a penny for every time I heard someone say you have to finish cleansing your face with a splash of icy cold water to close your pores, I’d be stinking rich. As it is, I’m just stinking frustrated. This is one of those beauty myths that just won’t die. Here’s why it’s […]

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    What Does Dermatologist Tested Mean?

    What does “dermatologist tested” mean? Every time I read the words “dermatologist tested” on a skincare label, I think of a man in a white coat handing a new cream to an unsuspecting patient who has no idea she’s being picked to be a free guinea pig for a giant cosmetic company…. Who knows what’ll happen […]

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    Sunscreen Math: Can You Add Up SPF?

    If you use a moisturiser with SPF 20, a sunscreen with SPF 30, and a foundation with SPF 15, what SPF do you get? 30 + 20 + 15 = 30. Confused much? SPF math isn’t like regular math. Here’s why: Does Layering Sunscreens Increase Sun Protection? Layering sunscreens will NOT give you added SPF […]