• boots ingredients caffeine eye

    Boots Ingredients Caffeine Eye: More Than A Basic Eye Cream?

    Is it me or caffeine eye creams don’t work? I’ve tried my fair share in my past few years. From The Ordinary. From The Inkey List. The list goes on and on. But they’ve never done anything for me. Seriously, I may just as well have splashed water on my face… Is Boots Ingredients Caffeine […]


  • zelens transformer instant renewal mask

    If Your Dry Skin Can’t Tolerate Glycolic Acid, Try This

    Dr Lens, founder of Zelens, HATES Glycolic Acid. I don’t. I’m a HUGE fan. But, I must admit he has a point. GA is awesome at exfoliating skin and pumping up collagen production, but it can  be irritating (it’s why I NEVER recommend it to sensitive skin). So, what does he uses instead? Lactobionic Acid. It’s […]


  • best sunburn products

    What Are The Best Products To Treat A Sunburn?

    Got a sunburn? It happens to everyone. You just need to get your guard down with sunscreen for one hour and already your skin is turning an itchy shade of lobster red. Ouch! You’ll be more careful next time, I know. But, right now, get out of the sun and slather a soothing cream on […]


  • best eye makeup removers

    5 Best Eye-Makeup Removers

    Are you struggling to find the right eye makeup remover? If it’s too gentle, it won’t take off anything – unless you tug and pull for 10 minutes. If it’s too harsh, it stings up real bad. And if you go down the oil route, you get a blurred vision for a couple of minutes. […]