The Matte Lipsticks I’ll Be Wearing This Spring

by Gio

I’m a lipstick magpie. If it shimmers and sparkles, I HAVE TO take it home with me.

If it doesn’t, I’ll probably ignore it. Matte finishes don’t catch my eye as much and, when they do, they usually tend to bring along more problems than they’re worth it.

Like, they’re SO dry, they drag onto the lips, make your fine lines look like they’re under a magnifying glass all day long and feel so uncomfortable.

So, when I was introduced to the Zelens Extreme Velvet Treatment Lip Colour, I was like, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, can we talk about your skincare range instead, please?”. (OK, I was more polite than that, but you get the gist).

Turned out, we were talking about both because Zelens takes its skincare so seriously, it puts it in its makeup, too. Now, that’s a brand close to my heart. 🙂

For example, this lipstick is made with hydrating hyaluronic acid and moisturizing oils. The first draws water into the lips while the oils seal it in, keeping your lips soft while you have them on.

I wouldn’t say these are the smoothest, most moisturizing lipsticks I’ve ever tried. But they are some of the smoothest, most moisturizing MATTE lipsticks I’ve ever tried.

They don’t drag on my lips when I put them on and don’t start feeling uncomfortable after 5 minutes. I do feel the need to apply a thin layer of lip balm on top of the red shades after 3 or so hours, though (the subtler nudes ones don’t last that long on me).

And can we talk about the colours? There are 9, ranging from reds to pinks and nudes. They’re all classics – the sort of shades women wear IRL.

(Fun fact: The shades are inspired by the lip colours founder Marko Lens’s patients wore more often at his clinic – he knew they’d buy them! Smart man 🙂 ).

I have four:

  • Deep Red: a deep, true red
  • Merlot: dark brownish red
  • Nude Beige: a soft nude beige
  • Nude Pink: a brownish rose pink

They’re all so incredibly pigmented so one coat is all you need. Best of all, they don’t end up in the crevices of your skin. They seem to smooth everything out, blending imperfections away rather than emphasising them.

When they fade away, they do it evenly so you don’t end up with patches of lippies here and there. The dark, red shades tend to cling onto my lips for longer than the softer nude ones but that’s normal. The deeper the pigment, the longer it’ll stay on.

If you’re into your mattes, you’ll love these. And if not, they’ll change the way you think about mattes. You’ve been warned.

Price & Availability: £32.00 at John Lewis and $48.00 at Barney’s

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