15 Reasons Why You Should Love Yourself Right Now

by Gio

15 reasons why you should love yourself right now

I’ll love myself when I’m thinner.
I’ll love myself when I’m prettier.
I’ll love myself when I’m richer.
I’ll love myself when I’m successful.

Does these sound familiar? Like you, I used to believe that I had to be perfect, and have it all together, before I could finally start loving and accepting myself. But that’s BS. We’re all beautifully imperfect, and deserving and worthy of love just as we are.

Still sceptical? Here are 15 reasons why you should start loving yourself right now, this very minute. I hope they’ll inspire you to do just that:

1. Because you are unique. There is no one else just like you.

2. Because you are a lot stronger than you think you are. You’ve overcome so much so far, and you don’t give up.

3. Because, when you love yourself, you inspire and empower others to love themselves too. Spread the love.

4. Because, if not now, when?

5. Because, when you love yourself, you take better care of yourself, your body, and your health.

6. Because, if you think you are worthy of love and happiness, you won’t constantly sabotage yourself.

7. Because when you love and respect yourself, you attract people who love and respect you too.

8. Because it’ll make your life easier.

9. Because you are very talented. You have skills no one else has. Use them to improve the world.

10. Because it’ll help you achieve all your goals and dreams. If you think you deserve success, you’ll pursue it (and find it).

11. Because all your reasons for not liking yourself are BS. You’re an amazing, flawed, complex human being. And that’s fabulous!

12. Because, until you unconditionally love yourself, you won’t be able to unconditionally love anyone else.

13. Because your value and self-worth don’t depend on other people’s opinion of you.

14. Because being loved feels so good. It’s the best feeling ever!

15. You are with you for the rest of your life. The sooner you learn to love yourself, the sooner you can be happy and start living life to the full.

Do you love yourself right now? What other reasons can you think of to inspire us to accept and appreciate ourselves more?

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Tam November 25, 2015 - 2:45 am

Oh yeah, that was definitely me thinking that I just wasn’t enough. But, having good friends who like you and validate you really help when I’m actively working on my self-esteem. It’s as if they are your psychological mirror showing you your best qualities. What continues to baffle me is how some people seem to ooze confidence at birth and for others, like myself, it’s challenging to muster?

Gio November 25, 2015 - 8:04 am

Tam, what a beautiful image. I’m sorry you ever felt like this, but you are so lucky to have such good friends who love you and validate you as you are. That is so precious.

I think a lot of it comes down to nurture. Some grow up in families where they feel valued from an early age, others in environments where people are more critical and less supportive.

Janessa December 1, 2015 - 2:32 am

I read this early but now reading it again empowers me. Seven is so true! They’re all true but the ones that resonate with me the most ought to be: 4, 5, 7, 9, 12, 14, 15… I tried to narrow the list hehe.

I do love myself right now though I’m still learning to do so but I’m at my best I’ve ever felt in my life so far.

You are capable of so many things through mind and body and heart.
You’re only here once so don’t let chances slip away.
Loving yourself can only bring more greatness into your life.


Gio December 1, 2015 - 3:40 pm

Janessa, so glad to hear you’re finding this empowering, and are in a great place in your life right now.

And those are great reasons too. Thanks for sharing them.


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