reasons why I love makeup

I’ve always loved makeup. As a little girl, I’d sit and watch fascinated, as my mom applied bright red polish on her nails. Then, I’d beg her to do paint mine pink (my fave colour even then).

That was all the makeup I was allowed to wear. I had a makeup kit for children, but I only used it to paint my dolls’ faces. It was so much fun. Until I decided to take it off. I don’t remember what I used that first time, but half of Camilla’s face came off, together with her makeup!

Back then, makeup seemed magical. The way it can transform a face and enhance your best features had something otherworldly about it. I couldn’t wait to grow up and be able to wear it. When I finally did, I felt so grown-up.

Now that I’m much older and wiser, I’m still as much in love with makeup as ever. Here’s why:

1. Self-Expression

Just like clothes, makeup allows me to visually express my personality and moods. When I’m feeling romantic, I’ll swipe on pink eyeshadow and gloss. Sexy? Soft smokey eye and red lips.

Happy? Crazy-coloured eyeshadow or bright fuchsia lips. Professional? No-makeup makeup look. And if I feel like all these things in one day, I can change my look accordingly.

Makeup has the power to transform a face, and let the whole world know who you are. How amazing is that?

2. Confidence Boost

There’s no magical lipstick that can instantly turn you from an insecure little girl into a confident woman. Confidence comes from experience, practice, and a belief in your own abilities and self-worth.

And I certainly don’t believe that anyone needs to wear makeup to be beautiful and worthy. You already are both, even if you may not think so right now.

But there’s no denying that makeup, just like clothes, can affect your mood. Whenever I wear red lipstick, or red nail polish, I feel that little bit more daring, more playful, and more ready to explore new things. I love that feeling.

3. Creative Outlet

I’ve always loved art. I often go to museums and art galleries to look at paintings and sculptures. I love singing and dancing. I have the deepest admiration for craftspeople who can create some amazing objects with their hands.

But I’m no artist. I don’t have the calling, and most definitely don’t have the skills. But I can apply makeup. It’s an accessible art form for all. Every woman becomes, even if she doesn’t realise it, an artist when she blends her eyeshadows and swipes on her lipstick.

After writing, it’s my favourite creative outlet. With so many colours, textures, finishes, and techniques to try, it allows me to get as creative as I’d like, and to fully express my inner world.

4. Makeup Always Fits

I love shopping for clothes as much as any other girl. But, as a slim woman with curves, finding garments that fit is very challenging.

Size 8 tops are often way too revealing. Size 10 are way too big and loose. If a dress fits my top half it’s like a tent on my waist and hips & if it fits my hips it won’t do up over my bust. Argh!

I don’t have that problem with makeup. A lipstick or blush looks great on anyone, no matter what size and shape you are.

Sure, there are shades that better suit certain skintones and undertones, but everyone can find a red lipstick that’ll suit them. Finding a nice dress that looks good on anyone who isn’t slim, tall, and athletic is a lot harder.

5. A Pampering Treat

I love applying makeup. Those minutes in the morning when I sit down to put my face on are so relaxing. It’s a little way to pamper myself at the beginning of every day. Now, if only removing it were as pleasant…

Why do you love makeup? Let me know in the comments below.