• cybderderm h20 hydration and pm anti age

    My New Pre-Winter Skincare Routine

    The enemy: harsh, cold winter weather that’s plotting to steal all the moisture from your skin. Your mission: fight back and ensure your skin stays soft and supple all through the cold season. Your weapons: moisture magnets to stock up on water and shields to seal it in. Your allies: Cybederm skincare (other Hyaluronic Acid […]


  • indeed labs vitamin c24

    Should You Switch To A Water-Free Vitamin C Cream?

    Did you know that Vitamin C and water don’t get along? When they’re at the same party, you need to lower the pH to less than 3.5 to get Vitamin C to work (a lower pH = higher risk of irritation). Even then, Vitamin C ain’t happy. Even a few drops of water make it […]


  • kotoha london skincare

    Kotoha Skincare: Where Japan Meets London

    Ever wondered why Japanese women have such beautiful, flawless skin? Shoyaku. That’s Japanese for “active medicinal herb.” Japanese women have always relied on traditional herbs, such as ginseng, camellia and green tea to moisturize their skin, brighten their complexion and fade off wrinkles. Now, Kotoha London has brought the wisdom of the Far East to […]


  • elizabeth-arden-superstart-skin-renewal-booster

    Skin Maintenance: Are You Doing It?

    Do you ever feel like something’s missing in your skincare routine? I know, I know, you’re already using 100 products. The thought of adding just one more makes you want to scream. But, if you’re anything like me, all those products are anti-aging. Or anti-hyperpigmentation. Or anti-whatever-horror-your-skin’s-dealing-with. There’s nothing in there to keep your skin […]