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  • natural oils don't provide adequate sun protection

    Can You Get Sun Protection From Natural Ingredients?

    I get it while you’d try coconut oil & co as sunscreens. Natural UV filters like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide can leave an unattractive white cast behind. Synthetic UV filters can cause irritations, especially if you have sensitive skin. Some of you may even be allergic to sunscreen and get a bad rash every […]


  • coconut oil in skincare

    Spotlight On Coconut Oil

    This my sound weird to you but… I LOVE coconut oil for my hair, not so much for my skin. My hair soaks it up until it gets all soft and shiny but my skin… well, the two just don’t get along that well. Using it as sunscreen, as the natural crew recommends, is totally […]


  • green tea in skincare

    My 6 Favourite Natural Ingredients

    I have a bit of a reputation for disliking natural ingredients. But that’s not true. What I dislike is the idea that natural is always better. Cos slathering your body in poison ivy is better for you than silicones… 🙄 Or what about those plants extracts that are just sprinkled in? You seriously believe it’s […]


  • Can I Use Coconut Oil As Sunscreen?

    I get it. Finding a good sunscreen is a pain in the butt. Everything seems to be too greasy, too white or too expensive. And those synthetic UV filters! Do they really cause cancer?! It’s so tempting to stop the search and turn to good old coconut oil instead. Word on the street is that […]