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    What Are The Best Ingredients For Oily Skin?

    “I’ve tried everything to keep my oily skin under control but nothing works. Help!” Sometimes, dealing with oily skin seems like a hopeless battle. No matter what you try, your face keeps shining brighter than a frying pan, your pores refuse to shrink and those pimples won’t budge from your face. Argh! It’s not your […]


  • Matching Your Body Lotion To Your Fragrance: Should You Do It?

    Do you love Clinique Aromatics Elixir so much you can’t get enough of it? Or, instead, you think the warm, floral chypre concoction is lovely but too strong for you? Either way, check out Aromatics Elixir Body Smoother. This lightweight body cream is infused with this classic scent – but it’s much easier to wear. […]