reviw aa skincare bergamot and aloe deodorant

Have you tried to switch to an aluminum-free deodorant? I feel your frustration. Natural deodorants never seem to keep you fresh for more than a couple of hours, and they often cost an arm and a leg too! It feels like we’re paying a premium to stink!

Not with AA Skincare Bergamot & Aloe Deodorant. At £4.94, this stuff is very wallet-friendly, which makes me more forgiving towards its shortcomings. And this time, they’re not that bad…

What’s In AA Skincare Bergamot & Aloe Deodorant?


Bergamot oil has antimicrobial-properties. Saccharomyces ferment is a yeast enzyme that, according to AA Skincare, can, “together with potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate keep underarm bacteria to a minimum and neutralise odour-creating nitrogen compounds in perspiration.”

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find studies confirming these claims. I only have anecdotal evidence and my personal experience to offer this time. I do have proof of its gentleness, though. It didn’t irritate my skin at all.

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I’m a sucker for anything citrusy, and this one is lovely. It smells mostly of bergamot, is quite bitter, but not too strong. That’s why I’m a bit bummed it doesn’t last longer on the skin. It disappears shortly before the refreshing effects of the deodorant do.

If bergamot & aloe doesn’t sound appealing enough to you, you’ll be happy to know there are two more deodorants in this range: Lemongrass & Lavender, which has a light, citrusy-sweet aroma, and Grapefruit & Cedarwood, which has a woody, zesty fresh scent (and is already on my to-buy list).

How To Use It

Roll it over the desired area every time you feel like you need it.

aa skincare bergamot & aloe deodorant

Performance & Personal Opinion

As far as natural deodorants go, AA Skincare Bergamot & Aloe Deodorant is one of the best I’ve tried. On lazy days, it keeps me fresh an smelling good for about 6 hours. Then, I need to reapply it again. Reapplication is a must after a workout session, or a long, brisk walk, too.

That’s why I don’t think this deodorant would be able to withstand the boiling heat of an Italian summer. But here in the UK, where temperatures rarely rise above 24°C, it works quite well (keep in mind, though, that I’m not the sweaty type).

Because it is free of alcohol, and comes in roll-on form, AA Skincare Bergamot & Aloe Deodorant doesn’t irritate freshly-shaven skin. That’s my worst pet peeve about deodorants. If it burns skin when it’s at its most delicate, you can be sure I won’t repurchase it. So, I’m glad this one doesn’t.

aa skincare bergamot & aloe deodorant 02

Who Is This For?

  • Natural beauty lovers
  • Women (and men) who don’t sweat a lot

Who Is This NOT For?

People who sweat a lot.


White, glass roll-on tube.

Does AA Skincare Bergamot & Aloe Deodorant Live Up To Its Claims?

Many mass produced antiperspirants contain aluminium salts, alcohol and parfum which can be irritating to the skin and clog pores. This can stop your skin from being able to breath and can cause many problems including skin infections and unsightly boils or spots.This is exaggerated. These ingredients may cause irritations, but very few people will experience such severe allergic reaction. Besides, bergamot oil (a key ingredient in this deodorant) can be just as irritating.
Provide day-long protection against body odour keeping you feeling fresh.It doesn’t last all day. The more you sweat, the less it lasts on you.

Price & Availability

£4.90 at AA Skincare

Do You Need It?

If you’re looking for a natural deodorant, this is a good option to consider.

Dupes & Alternatives


Aqua, Aloe barbadensis Leaf Juice, Glycerin, Saccharomyces ferment, Polyglyceryl-10 laurate, Citrus aurantium bergamia peel oil, Lactic acid, Citric acid, Xantham Gum, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium sorbate, Limonene, Linalool, Citral.