Sunday Random Ramblings, Vol.89

by Gio

Hello ladies,

and welcome to another week of random ramblings. Ready? Let’s get started then:

Beethoven – Ninth Symphony

I love listening to classical music while I work. It relaxes me and allows me to concentrate on what I’m doing. If music has lyrics that I just start humming along and that wouldn’t do. lol. One of my favourite composers is Beethoven. I leave you with an extract from his Ninth Symphony, which doesn’t really need any introduction. Enjoy!

What I’m Reading Now

queen's gambit elizabeth fremantle
Queen’s Gambit by Elizabeth Fremantle. Fremantle’s excellent first effort at a historical novel tells the story of Katherine Parr, Henry VIII’s last and less known Queen. The book starts with the death of her second husband, Lord Latymer. Katherine now thinks she is free to be her own mistress and marry the man she loves, but her kindness and nursing skills attract the attention of the old and ill King, who decides to make her his wife. A smart woman and keen religious reformer, Katherine hopes that she will at least be able to influence her husband, who is slowly turning back to Catholicism, to continue his reformation of the church. But her outspokenness only gets her in trouble and almost has her arrested as an heretic. Only after the King’s death, she’ll be able to marry for love. But will that make her happy? This is one of the best written historical novels I’ve ever read. Fremantle really makes the characters, the Tudor court with his splendours and its intrigues, and the fear the King inspires, come alive. It is also very well-researched and full of accurate details about the Tudor period, but they don’t bog down the book, which never gets dull or boring. On the other hand, it’s entertaining and enthralling. You won’t be able to put it down!

The Links

Ask Me Whats helps you figure out what your undertone is.

Derm Tv wonders if makeup with sunscreen really works?

Brightest Bulb In The Box compares drugstore eyeshadow bases: which is one is the best?

Dr Bailey Skincare explains how to deal with pimples and pustules that occur after surgery.

My Women Stuff urges you to use a face cloth to better cleanse your skin.

Sunday Survey, Vol.168

1. Have you ever travelled outside your continent?
Not yet, but I’d love to. I’d like to visit the US, Japan, Australia… there are too many places to mention them all!

2. How long do lipsticks usually last you on?
On average, two to three hours. Bright or dark shades tend to last a lot longer on me, but I rarely wear them. I just prefer to emphasize my eyes.

3. At what time did you get up this morning?
7:30am. I like to wake up early (unless I had a hectic week and need to catch up on sleep) and enjoy the morning, especially when it is sunny and warm.

4. McDonald’s or Pizza Hut?
I dislike fast food chains but if I had to choose, I’d go to Pizza Hut.

5. Do you like September?
I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, I’m sad that summer and the holidays are over, but on the other, it can be exciting to go back to school or work.

It’s your turn now!
1. Have you ever travelled outside your continent?
2. How long do lipsticks usually last you on?
3. At what time did you get up this morning?
4. McDonald’s or Pizza Hut?
5. Do you like September?

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Hunni September 15, 2013 - 11:09 am

I love the name of your site! Really cute.

beautifulwithbrains September 15, 2013 - 4:49 pm

Hunni, aw thank you!

Icaria September 15, 2013 - 11:23 am

Queen’s Gambit seems like a fun read!

1. Yes, to Australia. Hoping to go to Europe if not next year, the following one.
2. Depends on the formula. The NARS I love will last a good 4 hours & Clarins Lip Perfectors about 2 hours but they’re more like light balms. I don’t wear brights atm.
3. 6:30. My inner clock is pretty much set to that time. For me getting up at 8:00 which happens rarely, is quite simply heaven! 🙂
4. McDonalds. I had Pizza Hut once and it was just horrible. I guess if you have them in Italy they probably make an effort but here it’s best to stay away.
5. Not happy! This year I’m dreading winter like never before so I’m not really enjoying Septembre. 🙁

Tavia September 15, 2013 - 11:41 am

Let’s know when you will be coming to Europe, perhaps we can arrange to meet. 🙂

beautifulwithbrains September 15, 2013 - 4:36 pm

Icaria, no, we don’t have Pizza Hut here. I doubt they will ever come because they won’t stand a chance against Italian pizza restaurants. I ate at Pizza Hut in London and it was awful, but I still prefer a bad pizza to a good hamburger. 🙂 I never could stand the latter.

Where would you go in Europe? I’d love to meet you too. And Tavia, as well. 🙂

Icaria September 15, 2013 - 5:41 pm

Oh Gio you haven’t had Pizza Hut here, it’s nasty, really!

Tavia & Gio: Way high on the list is Italy (art history at Uni will to that to a girl). London & Paris for the museums and Greece! It’s not for nothing I took the name Icaria and chose the blog banner I have. I was hoping for next year but like I wrote, think it will be a little tight. Sorry I just noticed I wrote the French form of September. 🙂

beautifulwithbrains September 15, 2013 - 6:25 pm

Icaria, if you come to Italy, I’ll be glad to show you around and make sure you have a good pizza too. 🙂 Those are all beautiful places, you’re gonna have a wonderful time!

Tavia September 16, 2013 - 4:57 pm

I may have to join the party as I’m crazy about pizza and pasta and it will also be lovely for the 3 of us to get together. :)). I didn’t know Pizza Hut was not available in Italy but with all those great Italian places I guess you are right Gio. We do have Pizza Hut here and I used to go there a lot a few years ago. They did make a good pizza and pasta as well so could they make different receipts for different countries?

beautifulwithbrains September 16, 2013 - 8:52 pm

Tavia, that would be wonderful! We’d have so much fun together!

Italians are really spoiled when it comes to pizza. It’s difficult to find a place here where it isn’t really good, and some restaurants have very competitive prices too. Making different recipes for different countries is a good idea. I think people would really like that. But to make it here quality is more important. Competition is too fierce and if your pizza doesn’t taste that good, you’re not gonna stay in business long.

Tavia September 15, 2013 - 11:49 am

1. Have you ever traveled outside your continent? Yes, I’ve been in Asia and Africa. I wish I could go to US but it’s pretty hard here to get a visa. I love love love to travel and it was a period in my life when did it a lot. 🙂
2. How long do lipsticks usually last you on? I rarely wear lipstick, and I mean one time per month if it was up to me but I have to wear lipstick when I receive products for review. Long lasting? Well depends on the lipstick of course, my favorite one is La Prairie Geranium and that’s a great lipstick that lasts even after I had a decent meal, so I can count on it for 6 hours or even more. 🙂
3. At what time did you get up this morning? Well today I did get up earlier than usual which is 1:30 PM :D. I’ve been like this most of my life, I sleep during night time no more than 3 months per year then I switch and start sleeping during the day. Crazy I know!
4. McDonald’s or Pizza Hut? I gave up fast foods I long time ago but if I must choose I’ll go with Pizza Hut.
5. Do you like September? Nope… 🙁 and this year I hate it even more. It started to be so cold here and this happened so suddenly. I mean one day I was wearing flip flops and shorts and the next day I’m wearing a coat. I do really hate how the weather is changing. Hopefully when I will go in vacation next week I’ll be able to get some tan and leave this cold weather at the airport. 🙂

beautifulwithbrains September 15, 2013 - 4:42 pm

Tavia, I don’t like fast foods either, but when you’re travelling abroad with friends, they’ll insist on going there because it’s cheap. In that case, I’d rather have pizza than hamburgers.

I hate how the weather is changing too. We had only one month of summer this year. And then it went cold overnight. Although I bet the weather’s still warmer here than in your neck of the woods so I shouldn’t complain. And have fun on your holiday!

Marina(Makeup4all) September 15, 2013 - 6:49 pm

1. Have you ever travelled outside your continent?Yes, and I have some more trips planned for 2014 🙂
2. How long do lipsticks usually last you on? Pretty long, as I blot the first layer and than re-apply.
3. At what time did you get up this morning? At 9.30
4. McDonald’s or Pizza Hut? None, I am not a big fan of fast food.
5. Do you like September?Yes, it feels like New Year for me actually.

beautifulwithbrains September 15, 2013 - 8:01 pm

Marina, enjoy your trips! Where are you going?

I’m too lazy to blot, unless I’m wearing some bright shades. I should really start doing it more often.


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