Sunday Random Ramblings, Vol.161

by Gio

Hello gorgeous,
it’s Sunday again and that means it’s time for some random ramblings. Here we go:

Non-beauty Christmas Wishlist

non beauty christmas wishlist 2014

Jane Austen Inspired Necklace With Cameo: I love vintage inspired jewellery, Jane Austen, books, and cameos, so this would be the perfect gift for me. It’s very pretty, isn’t it?

Emmy Shoes Catherine: these shoes are embellished with an elegant Ostrich feather detail, hand crystalled with Swarovski crystals and Rhinestones, with tiny ivory beads accenting. They’re bespoke so you can choose the material (suede or leather) and colour (neutral bridal shades, bright hues, or classic navy, black, and chocolate colours).

Red Valentino Macramé Owl Shift Dress: you know that I’m obsessed with owls, so of course I’m lemming this black shift dress with one stitched into the bodice. It’s currently on sale too!

Kate Spade Hello Shanghai Milan: I love this fan inspired black leather clutch. It adds a fun touch to any outfit.

Stella McCartney unicorn print sweatshirt: don’t you just love unicorns? This beige and blue cotton-wool blend sweatshirt features a beautiful unicorn print on the front, and is very comfy too.

London I-phone case: I don’t have an i-phone, but I’m tempted to get one just so I can buy this cute cover. The vintage London print is perfect for all fans of the UK capital and history.

Pride And Prejudice Kindle Cover: Pride & Prejudice is one of my favourite books, so I’d love to have it as the cover of my kindle. The print is very pretty too.

What I’m Reading Now

centuries of change
Centuries of Change: Which Century Saw The Most Change? by Ian Mortimer
Which century saw the most change? Most of us would quickly and confidently answer the 20th, but Mortimer doesn’t think we should dismiss the other candidates so quickly. To come up with the answer, he decided to investigate the major changes that occurred in the Western World in the last 1000 years in the society, in the economy, and in the scientific and medical fields, and the impact they had on everyday life. For each century, he also selects the person who influenced change the most. Of course not everyone will agree with his criteria to select and quantify changes, while others will complain that events they consider important didn’t make it into the book. It’s inevitable. A book like this can’t please everyone, but it provides some interesting food for thought. Although there are a few dry parts, it is a fascinating read you won’t be able to put down. Available at Amazon.

The Links

A new scientific advance might allow traditional perfume formulas to make a comeback from 2015 – Scented Salamander

Why I said no to plastic surgery – Adios Barbie

The ultimate guide to foundation – Tales Of A Pale Face

Things (some) brands think bloggers do – British Beauty Blogger

The power of blogging & when relations turn bad – London Beauty Queen

Sunday Survey, Vol.229

1. Have you ever been sailing?
Nope, but I hope to one day.

2. What are your favourite colours to wear on your eyes?
Greens, golds, and pinks.

3. Are you going out today?
Don’t think so. It’s very cold and rainy today, and I don’t like to go out when the weather’s this bad unless I have to.

4. Would you rather have telepathic or telekinetic powers?
Telekinetic. I’m not sure I’d want to hear what people think. But being able to move things around would be quite handy. I would be able to do all the cleaning without raising a finger.

5. Do you like infinity scarves?
Yes, they’re pretty and versatile.

It’s your turn!
1. Have you ever been sailing?
2. What are your favourite colours to wear on your eyes?
3. Are you going out today?
4. Would you rather have telepathic or telekinetic powers?
5. Do you like infinity scarves?

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Kiss & Make-up December 7, 2014 - 12:49 pm

1. Have you ever been sailing? Never. I live next to Lake Geneva though.

2. What are your favourite colours to wear on your eyes? Greens, warm browns and golden and bronze shades.

3. Are you going out today? Nope, staying in for a lazy Sunday.

4. Would you rather have telepathic or telekinetic powers? Ooooh tough… Probably telekinetic powers. I don’t know if I’d want to know everything people are thinking…

5. Do you like infinity scarves? I do, but I don’t have one.

Gio December 7, 2014 - 9:26 pm

Melissa, I live near the sea but never went sailing either. It’s a shame how we never fully enjoy what’s near us, isn’t it?

Laurie December 7, 2014 - 2:34 pm

1. Have you ever been sailing?

Yes, quite a bit! I grew up in Texas and went sailing on the Gulf of Mexico with my family all the time.

2. What are your favourite colours to wear on your eyes?

Muted pinks and plums. Nars Duo in Tokyo is my favorite for everyday wear.

3. Are you going out today?

Yes, hopefully just to get groceries.

4. Would you rather have telepathic or telekinetic powers?

Telekinetic, probably. I don’t really want to know what most people are thinking.

5. Do you like infinity scarves?

Love them, especially if they’re big and fluffy. I have two that I regularly wear in the winter.

Gio December 7, 2014 - 9:29 pm

Laurie, how lovely that you went sailing with your family so often. You must have lots of fond memories. 🙂

Janessa December 11, 2014 - 8:22 am

1. Me neither!
2. I like navy for the lower lash line, lavender purples and pale pinks for the lid. I like golds for the inner corners a lot.
3. I did go out today… to class and the grocery store.
4. Telekinetic hands down! I so wish I could teleport to places like the clouds or a theme park haha.
5. Yes! They don’t require any tying and seem really handy though it’s too hot here for me to own many scarves so I don’t own any.

I was looking at Valentino dresses today! Ahh it has to be one of my favorite dress designers ever.

Gio December 11, 2014 - 9:09 pm

Janessa, I’d love to teleport too. I’d be so cool to go wherever you want without having to drive or take a plane.

Valentino is one of my favourite designers too. So chic.


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