Sunday Random Ramblings, Vol.160

by Gio

Hello gorgeous,

I hope you’re having a lovely and relaxing Sunday, and that you’ll enjoy this week’s ramblings. Here we go:

5 Reasons Why I Love Reading

why love reading

I’ve been a bookworm ever since I learned how to read. Books are my beloved friends and biggest treasures. I always need to have one close at hand, so I can dive in its world whenever I get a chance. Here’s why:

1. Virtual travelling

Reading allows me to visit new places and new worlds, both in the present, past, and future. I can be a lady-in-waiting in Tudor England, a young witch learning to use her powers to fight for the greater good, or a space explorer just setting foot on a new planet for the first time. Through the characters, I get to experience stuff I otherwise never would.

2. Reading open minds

Not only I get to experience situations and problems I would never face in real life, but I can also access people’s minds and feelings, figuring out what makes them what they are and why they act a certain why. Seeing life through someone’s else point of view forces you to challenge your own opinions and beliefs, makes you more emphatic, and realize how wrong it is to judge others, especially when we don’t really know anything about them.

3. Good advice

Every book is a little guide that helps you navigate through life. By reading about other people’s experiences and mistakes, you can figure out what they did right or wrong so that, when you find yourself in a similar situation, you can make a better informed decision. You also get to pick the brains of your idols and find out how they achieved success or overcame obstacles.

4. Books enhance your communication skills

Reading improves both your vocabulary and your grammar. Audio books also improve your pronunciation, helping you to figure out how to pronounce words you had never encountered before. This makes you both a better speaker and a better writer, allowing you to easily communicate what you want to say (and making you sound smarter too. 😉 ).

5. Boredom buster

Nothing busts boredom like a good book. When you are immersed in a good story, everything else just falls away.

Do you love reading? If so, why?

What I’m Reading Now

the sharp hook of loveThe Sharp Hook Of Love by Sherry Jones
Everyone knows the story of Abelard and Heloise. He was one of the greatest philosophers in France. She one of the best learned woman in the country. He was headmaster at the Nôtre Dame Cloister School. She was his student. He aspired to fame. She was destined for the convent. But when they met, their lives changed forever. They fell in love, tried to defy the conventions of the time, and eventually, where forced to choose between love, duty, and ambition. Sherry Jones tells their story in this beautiful novel through Heloise’s eyes. Although she’s madly in love with Abelard, he doesn’t come across all that well in this book. He’s more interested in making sure their relationship doesn’t ruin his career than anything else. But their passion and love still exudes from every page. This is a beautifully written story of love, sacrifice, and power that I highly recommend. Available at Amazon.

The Links

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Sunday Survey, Vol.228

1. Do you have a lookalike?
A lot of people tell me that I look a lot like my sister. I don’t really see it, but we share the same genes, so I suppose there must be some truth in it lol.

2. What type of coverage do you like in a foundation?
Light to medium. I have pretty good skin so light coverage is enough for me.

3. Are you playing any sports today?
Does a reading marathon count?

4. Eye or lip palette?
Eye! I hate applying lip products with a brush.

5. Do like pixie cuts on women?
I don’t like very short hair on women much, but some can pull it off so well!

It’s your turn now!
1. Do you have a lookalike?
2. What type of coverage do you like in a foundation?
3. Are you playing any sports today?
4. Eye or lip palette?
5. Do like pixie cuts on women?

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Chic Readings November 30, 2014 - 4:56 pm

I’m the same when it comes to reading:) When I was younger my parents had to make restrictions on reading for me because I would read for days without stopping:) I would even wake up at night and read with a small flashlight so nobody finds out:D I find reading is such a great entertainment but at the same time it makes us better people by improving our imagination, creativity, language skills and it helps us understand the world that we live in. And not to mention all the knowledge you gain that makes you feel competent and able to participate is all kinds of discussions:)
1. I think we all do:)
2.Light to medium
3. Not today, but I am doing some Pilates:)
4.Definitely eye, for lips I prefer lipsticks and lip gloss
5.I do because I find that it helps to bring out persons face more and you are able to see their beautiful natural lines; with long hair, you’re practically hiding behind it all the time:)

Gio December 3, 2014 - 9:25 pm

Helena, reading is the best, isn’t it? It makes you a better person, and teaches you so much, and in such an entertaining way too. 🙂

Marina(Makeup4all) November 30, 2014 - 5:17 pm

1 I don’t think so )
2 Light to medium, glowing or radiant.
3 No, not today.
4 Eye!
5 on some – yes.

Gio December 3, 2014 - 9:28 pm

Marina, I love foundation with a glowing finish. They make you look so healthy and fresh.


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