Online Store Review: Histoires De Parfums

by Gio

histoires de parfums


I love shopping online. It’s a great way to get your hands on products that aren’t available in your area. Not to mention all the great deals you can find online. There’s always a store holding a sale, offering 3×2 deals or something. But there’s also the not-so-good part. To me, one of the worst thing about purchasing online is having to create an account.

There are so many websites (not just online stores) these days that force us to create an account to use their services, and we’re supposed to come up with a complex and original password for each one of them and change them often (yeah, right, cos that’s so easy, isn’t it?), that it’s just impossible to keep track of them all.

And should we? If we shop at a store regularly, getting an account is worth it. But, if you only purchase something once or twice a year, or even less, then that just becomes another account you forget all about but that could be hacked. Great. That’s why I love online stores like Histoires De Parfums, that allow you to make an order without having to create an account. You just fill in your data at checkout, but the website doesn’t store them. Love it!

The brand

Created by Gérald Ghislain, Histoires De Parfums is a small niche perfume house, whose perfumes are inspired by famous characters, such as the Marquis de Sade or Eugénie de Montijo, raw materials such as tuberose, and mythical years, such as 1969. They’re perfect for history lovers like me, or everyone who wants to try something different from the boring concoctions found in department stores these days.

How to order

Making an order is easy. Their e-boutique has three sections: perfumes, candles, and samples. Each product has a blanket square next to the price where you can insert the amount you want to purchase. Fancy a 60ml bottle of 1889 Moulin Rouge? Then type 1 in the box. Aren’t you interested in Petroleum (yes, they have a scent named like that, and I so can’t wait to give it a sniff!)? Then, leave the box blank. Or maybe you would like samples, just to see how you like a scent before splurging on a full size bottle. Then, visit the sample page, and choose 6 of them (€15,00). They’ll be put in a bag and shipped to you.

Payment and shipping costs

Once you’ve placed anything you want in your cart, hit “order now”. You’ll now be asked to fill in a box with your information and address. If you’re buying a present for someone else, they also give you an option to have it crafted with elegant tissue paper and delivered with a personal note from you. Isn’t that lovely? Then, it’s time to pay. You can do so with either your credit card or paypal (I used the latter, as always). Shipping charges are €5 within France, €8 for other European countries, and €15,00 for the rest of the world (except USA, they have their own e-boutique, which I haven’t, obviously, used). Shipping is free for all orders over €100. The sample set, instead, is refoundable. If you decide to purchase a full-size bottle, you will be able to deduce its price from your next online order of a 120 ml. fragrance.


Delivery is very quick. I ordered the sample set and it arrived within 5 days. Everything was in perfect condition. I’m always afraid a bottle will get broken during shipping, but every little vial was intact. I’m very impressed with their service, and I will definitely order from them again (gotta get me some petroleum, remember? Now, that’s a sentence I thought I’d never have to type…).

I am very impressed with Histoires De Parfum’s e-boutique. You can safely order without creating an account, can create your own sample set, and even have a present for a loved one carefully crafted and personalized. Shipping charges are reasonable and delivery is quick.

Rating: 5/5

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