Always On My Pout: The Liquid Lipsticks That Just Won’t Budge Off

by Gio


Chocolate is always on my grocery list.

Defying gravity is always on repeat on my phone.

And Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick in Bawse is always on my pout.

You know how you always keep complaining that lipsticks fade away too soon and never seem to survive even a small snack, and then you find one that hangs onto your lips so stubbornly, you’re annoyed you can’t get it off?


And it’s not just Bawse. That’s a medium neutral red that suits everyone. It’s the kind of shade that you know it’s gonna last for hours. Ok, maybe not all intense reds last this long, but you know you can expect them to survive a cup of tea, and maybe lunch too.

Stepping Out is the kind of shade that usually does a runner very quickly. But this deep nude shade almost lasts as long as Bawse on my lips.

That means they can both survive lunch intact. Dinner is a little tougher on them. After I finished my chicken and salad, the colour on the center of my lips had disappeared. Around the borders, it still looked perfect. But, of course, then I took it off, cos it just looked weird.

So, yeah, if you’re the kind of girl who never brings her lippie around because she can’t be bothered to retouch her makeup anyway (that’s not just me, is it?), get your hands on one of these lippies. If nudes and reds aren’t your thing, don’t worry. There are plenty more shades available, so you’ll bound to fall in love with one.

What else? Oh, the pigmentation. Again, I expected Bawse to be super intense, but Stepping Out totally surprised me. It looks so innocent in the tube, but when I said it’s deep, I meant it. This one is super intense too and one coat more than enough to get an opaque payoff.


I’d usually reach for a lip brush to make sure I don’t make any mistakes when putting them on. They’re so intense, it’s not really that easy to clean that off my skin.

But I find its pointed applicator made the job a breeze anyway. It gives you so much precision on its already (if you don’t rush it). That’s good because once it dries out, there’s no budging it.

That little hole in the center of the doe-foot applicator is super handy too because it holds just that extra little glob of lippie you need to paint your whole lip. No need to double dip at all. Yay!

And did I mention their velvety texture feels so lightweight on the lips? Even though it’s so matte and longlasting, it’s so comfortable to wear and doesn’t dry out my lips at all. It’s some kind of miracle, I tell you.

If you’re into liquid lipsticks, don’t let these pass you by. And if you’ve never tried a liquid lippie before, here’s your chance to fall in love with them.

Price & Availability: $24.00 at Sephora

PR Sample. Affiliate link.

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Kate October 9, 2016 - 4:20 pm

I want to find the same kind of thing in eye liner. Mascara could use improvement but I’ve tried every smudge proof, all-day, last-forever, sweat proof, water resistant kind there is. Yesterday I was wiping off the runs of my formerly perfectly applied wings during a dance break, wondering if anyone would get it right. Jemma Kidd, a brand at Target did and then they vanished! Target! Beautiful colors that could last 24 hours through intense Nia classes (Google it), a shower after and the rest of the day. Loved that liquid eyeliner.

Gio November 26, 2016 - 9:27 am

Kate, oh no! What a shame they don’t make that anymore! Have you tried Banila Co Cushion Gel Eyeliner? I don’t know if it can last through a NIA class (never tried) but it’s the most longlasting eyeliner I’ve tried so far.

Hannah October 12, 2016 - 4:35 am

Are MAC lipsticks any good? I’m not thrilled they have (for a lipstick,and they are known for that) lead in them,and that they are expensive,but hey, I figure that if they are really good and stay put and are long lasting,it’s probably no worse for me than the average lipstick or lip gloss that I’d apply often like every hour,since I would not have to apply the long lasting stuff on very much,when I put it in that perspective.

Gio November 26, 2016 - 9:36 am

Hannah, yes, MAC lipsticks are good, but some shades tend to last longer than others.

Just to clarify, MAC lipsticks don’t contain lead. With that, I mean that lead is NOT an ingredient used by MAC or any other company. The thing is that certain dyes, particularly red dyes, can be made only with ingredients found in nature. And, unfortunately, lead is everywhere in nature. In the water, in the fields, in the mines, so when you get the materials for these dyes, they will contain some tiny amounts of lead. We’re talking about minuscule concentrations that your body can safely handle and dispose of through waste. You can check out this link for more information:

So, yea, some MAC shades may have some trace amounts of lead. But most of them won’t and even those that do won’t harm you.

Hope this helps.


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