ailish lucas skincare secrets interview

Want to make your skincare routine more natural?

Ailish Lucas, aka The Glow Getter, is your girl. Ailish is a breath of fresh air in the natural beauty world. She helps you make informed choices about what ingredients to put on your body – without judgement or fearmongering. On her blog you’ll find you plenty of skincare reviews, tips and the lowdown on ingredients she recommends and which ones she prefers to avoid.

But there’s more to glowy skin than just skincare. After working as a makeup artist for years – her clients included Vanity Fair and MTV – Ailish is now training as a Health Coach to help you make the right skincare and lifestyle choices to feel amazing in your skin and glow from the inside out.

She’s also recently launched The Glow Life, a course that helps you get the right lifestyle and skincare habits to achieve the skin of your dreams. If you’re interested, sign up to her newsletter so you’ll be the first to know when enrolment is open.

I’ve recently had the pleasure to interview Ailish and ask her about her skincare routine, her favourite products and her secrets for glowing skin:

1. When did you become interested in skincare?

I’ve always been interested in skincare and beauty since I was younger and remember being the person at uni who had a beauty palour in her dorm room and I’d love doing makeup looks. This interest grew when I trained in Beauty Therapy and Fashion and Editorial Makeup at The London College of Fashion and even more so when I set up my blog, – this was born out of me discovering natural and organic beauty properly and how natural skincare saved my skin hugely within a couple of weeks!

So it’s been something I’ve been interested in for many years, I love discovering brands that have some science behind what they have created and really understand what ingredients can really work to make the skin glow. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it.

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2. What’s your skincare routine like?

Er, varied at the moment. One of the amazing problems I have as a blogger is that I get sent a lot of brands to try out which can help but also hinder the skin! So, currently, I’m using Snow Fox cleanser which is a tester as I just discovered them but I think it’s lovely, Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask which is incredible, and FitGlow moisturiser which is lovely and hydrating but not greasy. I’m also testing out Dr. Roebucks exfoliator which I like and it’s got mint in it so makes my skin tingle when using it.

3. If you could only use three skincare products for the rest of your life, what would they be?

The Tata Harper purifying cleanser, Josh Rosebrook’s Hydrating Accelerator, SKN-RG Miracle Mask, (and I HAVE to have a moisturiser!) plus Tata Harper Clarifying Moisturiser.

4. What are your fave skincare brands and why?

Tata Harper because her products work. You can feel them work and they make my skin look amazing. I realise it’s expensive but they are natural products that work so effectively it’s crazy. Spend the money. It’s worth it.

Pai Skincare has a special place in my heart as it was the first organic skincare brand that I tried and it cleared my skin up so well within a couple of weeks of using it. It’s super gentle, yet effective. It will always be a favourite.

Josh Rosebrook’s products perform super well too. His hydrating accelerator smells divine and I feel performance is at the forefront of his mind constantly and that’s what I look for in a brand.

5. What are your top 3 skincare tips to take care of your skin?

Water, water, water – yes, *eyeroll* but there’s no quicker way to look older and your lines and wrinkles to appear than when you’re dehydrated. I notice immediately when I’ve not drunk enough water and after re-hydrating my skin feels plumper, with less wrinkles and the appearance is more even.

Sleep, exercise and healthy living – I’m rolling these all into one because if you eat rubbish, think rubbish, don’t exercise and neglect looking after yourself, no beauty product will help you. Your skin is an external reflection of what’s going on internally. Stop thinking that you just need a natural product that ‘works’, you need to really address what’s going on.

Masks – these have been a lifesaver for me when coming off the hormonal pill and my skin going crazy. Like teenager, hormonal acne, crazy. SKN-RG have an amazing Miracle Mask and I’ve seen incredible results with it. It reduces the spots, improves the overall appearance and makes my skin feel smooth. Life changer and mental health saviour!

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6. What skincare treatments do you regularly have done?

I had dermabrasion in my mid twenties which was totally unnecessary now I think of it but would like to get it done again now I’ve hit my mid thirties. I’m pretty basic with treatments in that I’ll have a facial every now and again but I forget to book them in. My mum has incredible skin and says it’s down to her never failing to have a monthly facial so I want to get into it more as i feel you see such immediate results, especially when products are mixed with a LightStim to improve the absorption. Still my most favourite facial ever was by a therapist in New Zealand called Jude who worked at Elderberry and Kate in Wellington. The products she used was Dermaviduals which are a cleaner brand but not the most clean ever but the way she carried out the facial had me snoring my head off and the results after just one facial blew my mind!

You’ve reminded me to book one in, in Manchester!

7. What lifestyle habits do you have that keep your skin in top shape?

Water, supplements, yoga, sleep, plants, one coffee a day, limited alcohol and attempting to reduce my sugar intake but this is my vice, I love sweet things so I’m working on this. I’m sure most people know a lot of these things already but it’s about understanding why you’re not doing them and what’s really going on so you can then make yourself a priority more. Women generally, will move mountains for others but not for themselves so i think it’s time we started being selfish so we can be better versions of ourselves and in turn, our skin will glow more, our eyes will be brighter and we will feel happier.

8. What’s in your makeup bag?

I love this question.

Sappho foundation – I bought this at Indie Beauty LA and love it.
Hynt Beauty Concealer – covers my spots like no other.
RMS Magic Luminizer – that highlight!
Eye of Horus Mascara – it’s amazing and have just run out of Inika’s long lash vegan mascara. They rotate.
Kosas Rosewater lipstick – just discovered this brand and they are incredible!
Living Nature Bronzer – All time staple.
Ecobrow Eyebrow wax – just amazing. Find your colour and buy it.
Real Techniques brushes – i just love how fluffy they are and they’re cruelty free.

Thank you, Ailish!

Go check out Ailish’s blog, The Glow Getter, now. You can also keep up with her on Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.