Sciaessentials™ Delta-5™ Oil review

What if I told you your skin is chronically inflamed?

I know. I know. It doesn’t sting like fire and isn’t red as a lobster.

So what? That means nothing. Chronic inflammation happens BENEATH your skin, where you can’t see it.

It works something like this: UV rays, pollution, stress, harsh cleansers, sugar and processed foods (everything basically) inflame your skin every day, keeping its flames burning non-stop.

All this damage triggers free radicals, destroys collagen and elastin, and gives you wrinkles before your time. Ugh. And that’s if you’re “lucky”. Inflammation also plays a part in eczema, acne, rosacea….

Chronic inflammation is the worst. But how do you fight an enemy you can’t see?!

Your best bet are anti-inflammatories that stops the inflammation cascade in its tracks before it can wreak some serious damage. Sciaessentials™ Delta-5™ Oil perfectly fits the bill. Here’s why:

Key Ingredient in Sciaessentials™ Delta-5™ Oil: Sciadonic Acid

Delta-5™ is the fancy name for sciadonic acid, a fatty acid derived from conifer seeds that can reduce chronic inflammation.

How? By acting fast. Sciadonic acid stop the inflammation process in the early stages, greatly limiting the damage it would do if left unchecked.

Here’s the sciencey bit: arachidonic acid is a precursor of pro-inflammatory molecules. Sciadonic acid reduces its levels in your skin. Fewer molecules = fewer wrinkles, less damage.

FYI, sciadonic acid doesn’t just treat chronic inflammation. It treats acute inflammation (the type you can see), too. Research is just at the beginning, but looks like it can speed up wounds and burns healing.

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Let’s Put It To The Test: Personal Use & Opinion

Sciaessentials™ Delta-5™ Oil is a light oil, so use it sparingly. My skin is on the dry side, so it absorbs pretty quickly but if you use too much, your skin will look a little shiny for a few minutes.

It’s tricky to judge how well it fights chronic inflammation because you can’t see the nasty bugger! But I know it’s there because I live in one of the most polluted cities in the world (thanks, London!) and I’m often under a lot of stress. It ain’t easy to juggle two blogs, a book in the making, and a relationship…

But I did notice some changes. The most obvious? My skin feels so soft and smooth. It’s also plumper, which in turn makes the few fine lines I have look smaller. It just makes my skin look better.

Sciaessentials™ Delta-5™ Oil review

And it DOES something for inflammation, too. I mean, I knew it would. The science backs that up. But I noticed it first-hand when I got a pimple. I haven’t suffered from hormonal acne in a while, but last month I went on holiday and indulged in too many carbs (don’t judge).

As if on cue, a pimple reared its ugly head on my chin. I used a few drops of Sciaessentials™ Delta-5™ Oil on it and immediately, the redness went down. The pimpled healed a little faster too.

I’m confident that if you have any inflammatory skin conditions, like rosacea, or some wound/burn on your skin, you’ll see visible results way more quickly.

Talking about burns, if you’re going on holiday somewhere hot and sunny, this oil makes a good remedy for sunburns too. Bring a bottle with you, just in case.

Price & Availability

$45.00 at Sciaessentials


Highly purified Nageia Nagi (Mountain Cypress) Seed Oil, Tocopherols