The Unusual Tales Of The Provenance Scents

by Gio

rouge bunny rouge provenance tales fragrance set

Warning: if you’re into sweet fruity florals and even more sickly sweets candy perfumes, you can leave now.

The Provenance Tales, the new fragrance set by Rouge Bunny Rouge, isn’t for the faints of heart. It’ll take you down a dark forest path, seduce you with its animal notes and spice things up with contrasting accords you had never seen coming.

Let’s get down that rabbit hole…

rouge bunny rouge incognito


Incognito is one of the most unusual fragrances I’ve ever tried (in a good way). It opens with a spicy burst of pepper warmed up by what smells like a clean suede note that gives the scent an animal vibe.

From here, Incognito could have easily taken you down into a dark cave. Instead, its takes you to the sunlight. A sweet mix of ylang ylang, osmanthus and plum brightens up the darkness in the opening in a perfect mix of sweet and spicy.

The drydown envelopes you like a cashmere sweater. The powdery aroma of suede takes centre stage, dancing with woody patchouli and earthy musk in a sensuous embrace.

It’s a fragrance you wear on a first date, when you want to seduce without revealing too much of yourself. Yet, it’s elegant and sweet, like the heart that lies behind that seductive veil.

P.S. It’ll last you till the end of the night.

rouge bunny rouge silhouette


Silhouette is my least fave of the three but if you’re into your herbal woody scents, you’ll fall in love with it.

The scent opens with a spicy bouquet of coriander, nutmeg and pimento sprinkled with the tender aroma of rose petals. They’re so delicate, you can barely catch a few whiffs, yet they give the composition a gentle floral vibe.

Pretty soon, the woody notes – sandalwood, cedar and vetiver – take centre stage. They contrast beautifully with the spicy hints that still linger from the opening.

As time goes on, a warm blend of ambergris and musk joins the composition. They’re layered on a background of aged leather that give it an almost animalic feel – but not quite.

Silhouette smells like musky skin. Woods sprinkled with spices. Heat warming up an old pair of suede gloves. It’s vintage yet contemporary, sensual yet vulnerable, deep yet soft.

I can still smell it 12 hours later.

rouge bunny rouge silvan


Silvan is my fave of the three. Think about walking into a forest as winter is about to approach. The shaded earth. Sunlight beaming through the cracks. Leaves rustling in the breeze.

That’s what Silvan smells like.

It opens with a cool blend of juniper berry that signals the arrival of winter but the whiff of citrus reminds you that it’s not fully here yet.

As time wears on, the forest notes of guaic wood and cedarwood become more and more prominent. They’re warm, earthy and soft.

Halfway through the forest, someone has lit a fire. The smokey scent of incense is carried through the trees. Yet, you never bump into it. The smokiness stays firmly in the background.

The woody base is prominent in the drydown too, where it mixes with patchouli and musk. It’s now time to take a break and go to sleep.

Silvan is calm. Peaceful. A modern chypre that seems to veer into spicy and smoky territories but then takes a turn and you’re back in the still heart of the forest.

It’s the weakest of the bunch and doesn’t last as long. But it’s well worth a sniff.

rouge bunny rouge provenance tales perfume set

Collector’s Coffret

Incognito, Silhouette and Silvan are now part of the Provenance Tales Collector’s Coffret. The sleek black box houses mini sizes of the scents.

The little bottles look so chic. Each one is emblazoned with the symbol of the scent – a really nice touch, I must say.

What I love the most is how convenient they are to travel with. I never bring a bottle of perfume with me because they’re usually too big to fit in my beauty case. Plus, I’m always afraid they could break along the way.

But these are just the right size for travelling and look quite sturdy too.

Now, question is: which one should I bring with me on my next trip?

P.S. If none of these scents is up your alley, there’s another set available with sweeter scents. Check it out here.

Available at: $175 at Beauty Habit and Rouge Bunny Rouge

What’s your fave Rouge Bunny Rouge scent? Share yours in the comments below.

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