On The Merits Of Sheer Eyeshadows…

by Gio


There was a time when I would have thrown away any eyeshadow that barely kissed my lids. Why settle for a soft wash of colour when I could get an opaque full coverage? In some crazy colour like bright yellow or acid green too?

Ah, youth…

Now that I’m older and wiser (I hope!), I appreciate that soft wash of colour a lot more. It makes me look sophisticated and polished pretty much all the time. You don’t get people giving you funny looks (not that that ever bothered me – I just thought they were boring).

So, when I met Rouge Bunny Rouge Raw Garden Eyeshadow Palette in Caliche, it was love at first swipe. This beautiful sleek compact houses 4 stunning plum shades that are muted enough to look almost brown:


– A cream with pink undertones to highlight the browbone
– A medium cool, dusky aubergine
– A soft rosewood laced with greige
– A soft, greyish mauve

They all have a beautiful satin finish that makes them look so luminous on the eyes. It just enhances the sheerness of the four shades, making you look like your eyes are naturally sparkling. It’s like that my-lids-but-better look – so natural and perfect for everyday looks.

Their texture is simply divine: creamy and velvety, it glides oh so smoothly on the lids and blends absolutely effortlessly. If only all eyeshadows were this easy to work with!


There’s also no creasing or fading throughout the day. At least not when you use it with a primer. I haven’t tried them without. Using a primer is simply second nature to me these days.

The compact is a thing of beauty too: slim and sleek, it has a magnetic closure so you can travel with it everywhere without fear it’ll somehow become open in your bag. It also comes with a mirror for a more precise application.

Rouge Bunny Rouge has really thought of everything!

Price & Availability: €49.00 at Rouge Bunny Rouge

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