Travel In Style With THX Total Hair Experts Pastel Collection Hair Dryer Pink

by Gio

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It only took me 33 years, but I’ve finally started using a hair dryer. Regularly, I mean. Cos, of course, I’ve used a blowdryer before. I’ve not been living on Planet Mars all this time!

I just avoided using one as the plague for as long as I could. I so hate blowdrying my hair. It feels like such a waste of my time. But you know the saying, needs must.

London is too chilly to do without a hair dryer. So, I got myself a tiny cute one, THX Total Hair Experts Pastel Collection Hair Dryer in Pink. Because, if you have to get something you’d rather not, you should totally go for the cutest option.

And that’s pink. Pink always makes everything better. But if you’re one of those weirdos who doesn’t like pink, you’ll be relieved to know this hair dryer also comes in pastel blue and soft yellow. They’re cute too, I guess.

Colour aside, the other thing that attracted me to THX Total Hair Experts Pastel Collection Hair Dryer is the size. It’s quite small, and features a folding handle that makes it easy to carry it around in a suitcase. It’ll be so handy when I’ll visit home again (or travel anywhere else, for that matter).

thx pastel collection blowdryer pink 02

And it’s so lightweight! Some hair dryers are so huge, it feels like you’re doing a workout every time you use them. That’s not necessarily a bad thing if you want to give your arms some exercise. I don’t. Not like that anyway.

I just want a hair dryer that gets the job done quickly, with as minimum fuss as possible. That’s not too much to ask, is it? THX Total Hair Experts Pastel Collection Hair Dryer does that fairly well.

It dries my hair in 15 minutes, which is not super fast, but not super slow either. It features 2 speed settings and variable heat control up to 210°, plus a cold setting. Together with the concentrator nozzle, they allow me better control when styling and drying my hair.

Best of all, my hair never feels dry or brittle afterwards. I’m always worried about that as high heat can do some serious damage to hair. But my locks are still soft and shiny after every use.

THX Total Hair Experts Pastel Collection Hair Dryer is not one of those super fancy modern hair dryers that does everything for you, including making you a nice cuppa. It doesn’t have three thousand buttons and features. As far as hair dryers go, it’s pretty basic.

But, sometimes, basic is just what a girl needs. Especially when she’s on the go and travelling a lot. The best part? It’s now on sale at £12.00. The offer’ll last only until 04/10, so get yours while you can!

Pros: It’s pink!; Basic hair dryer that gets the job done fairly quickly without drying out hair; Variable speed and heat; Foldable handle, easy to travel with; Affordable.

Cons:  If you’re looking for a fancy hair dryer, this isn’t for you.

Summary: THX Total Hair Experts Pastel Collection Hair Dryer Pink is a cute and basic hair dryer that gets the job done without drying your locks. Its small size and foldable handle make it perfect for travelling.

Price & Availability: £12.00 at Tesco

Rate: 4/5

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