Product Review: Roberto Cavalli Nero Assoluto Perfume

by Gio

roberto cavalli nero assoluto perfume

Name: Nero Assoluto
Brand: Roberto Cavalli
Size: 30ml
Price: £35.00

What I liked:
– pleasant vanilla floral scent
– light sillage, won’t bother those around you
– pretty bottle

What I didn’t like:
– predictable and unoriginal, doesn’t develop much
– not very dark and sensual
– average staying power

I used to be a big fan of Cavalli fragrances. Its scents have always been mainstream, but they also had some character and little twists that differentiated them from all the other designer perfumes out there. And then Cavalli decided to discontinue them all and create new ones with Coty. To me, any fragrance since then has been a disappointment. 🙁

Gone is that hint of edginess and creativity that made its scents special. Now, Cavalli’s just doing what everyone else is doing: playing it safe. Nero Assoluto is no exception. The name means Absolute Black, which evokes feelings of mystery, depth, and sensuality. And for a little while, it seems like it may deliver some of that.

Nero Assoluto opens with a floral orchid accord boosted by a light citrus note. It smells slightly dark and pungent, and seems to promise you that the darkness, with all its mysterious and sensual power, is approaching and will soon envelop you. But it won’t. Instead, orchid is joined by slightly smokey vanilla, which sweetness the composition. The ebony woody base only provides a hint of sensuality.

Nero Assoluto smells lovely. It’s sweet without being girly, and sensual without being overly sexy. It’s inoffensive enough to be worn at the office on cold winter days, and lasts a few good hours on the skin (I only reapply it if I go out in the evening). It’s a pleasant scent that I’m sure many women will fall in love with. But it pretends to be something that it’s not, and that will disappoint anyone looking for a true noir scent.

Roberto Cavalli Nero Assuto has a floral opening, a sweet vanilla heart and a woody base. Although pleasant, the fragrance doesn’t develop much and is quite predictable. Sillage is light and staying power just ok.

Rating: 3.5/5

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