Product Review: Moroccan Hammam Black Soap & Kessa Glove

by Gio

moroccan hammam kit

Name: Black Soap & Kessa Glove
Brand: Moroccan Hammam
Size: soap 180ml, glove one size fits all
Price: soap $30, glove $15, kit $39.00

From the Moroccan Hammam’s website:
Black soap: made using the traditional Moroccan recipe. The concoction is made up from a paste of organic soil, olive pits, hash, olive oil and salt. These elements combined will fulfill a strong and effective exfoliation while smooth and not harsh to the skin.
The kessa glove is made of granular tissue indispensable for a deep skin scrub for purification and blood circulation activation. The kessa glove is used in all baths with the black soap and after its use, the feeling of well-being is dazzling.

What I liked:
– black soap cleanses skin well without irritating it
– black soap leaves skin soft
– black soap doesn’t leave a greasy residue behind
– kessa glove exfoliates skin gently but effectively

What I didn’t like:
– black soap has a strong unpleasant scent
– some people may not like having to wait a few minutes before rinsing off the soap

An important part of Moroccan culture, a hammam is a traditional bath house visited by women, men, and children about once a week for a ritual and luxurious cleaning. This ritual is quite elaborate. First, you wash your skin with black soap, then exfoliate it with a kessa glove. After that, you wrap your body (and hair too, if you wish) inRassoul Clay for some conditioning. Once you’ve rinsed that off, it’s time to apply Argan Oil to moisturize your skin.

With the Moroccan Hammam Kit, everyone can enjoy this luxurious experience in the comfort of your own home. The Kit contains all four products, but they can also be purchased separately for those who are too busy or lazy to try the whole ritual or already have some of the necessary products at home. Today, I’ll show you the wonders of the Black Soap and Kessa Glove.

moroccan hammam black soap

The scent isn’t one of them. The Black Soap smells strongly of eucalyptus oil. Personally, I’m not a fan, but as I only have to put up with it for a few minutes, and the soap itself works quite well, it doesn’t bother me too much. The soap itself is a dark brown colour and has a thick, gel-like consistency that’s easy to scoop up and apply generously all over your moist body (don’t apply it on the face though) during a shower or bath.

Then, leave it on for 5 minutes before rinsing it off. The soap, which foams very little, is easy to remove, but waiting in the shower before you can do so was a bit boring. I guess in a hammam you can always chat to the other ladies while you’re waiting, but at home you’re on your own. At least it’s only for a few minutes. And it’s summer now, which helps. I think in the winter I would enjoy that even less. But hey, it’s the performance that matters the most, right? And this soap performs very well.

This black soap is made using the traditional Moroccan recipe. That’s organic soil, olive pits, hash, olive oil and salt. Olive Oil has anti-aging and moisturizing properties and, thanks to the “like dissolves like” principle, it can help cleanse skin, removing excess oil. Once rinsed off, my skin was squeaky clean but soft. Also, the soap didn’t leave any greasy residue behind. It can also be used just before shaving. When you do, you’ll get a closer shave and your skin will be less irritated. I’m definitely impressed!

moroccan hammam kessa glove

Then, it was the turn of the Kessa Glove. It’s bright orange in colour and quite big, so it’ll fit everyone. Although it’s not too soft, it isn’t harsh either. It just effectively removes dead skin cells from your body without irritating or scratching it (unless you rub way too hard). Afterwards, my skin looks brighter and feels very smooth.

The Black Soap and the Kessa Glove work very well even when used on their own, but the results are even better when you complete the ritual with the Rassoul Clay and the Argan Oil as well. But that’s a topic for another post, so stay tuned!

Water, eucalyptus globules or rosemarinus officinalis, natural soap

Moroccan Hammam Black Soap gently cleanses skin, leaving it squeaky clean and soft. However, you need to wait a few minutes before rinsing it off and the smell isn’t that pleasant. The kessa glove gently and effectively exfoliates skin.

Rating: 4/5

Disclaimer: these products were sent by PR for consideration. For more information, please, see my disclaimer.

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Janessa September 13, 2014 - 11:46 pm

Aw, if I’m going to use a soap or scrub, I want it to smell really good! I’m using a scrub right now that I don’t like the smell of and it makes the experience way less pleasant.

Gio September 14, 2014 - 5:25 pm

Janessa, the scent can really make or break a product, can’t it?


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