Product Review: Mememe Ocean Eyes Create The Look Pack

by Gio

mememe ocean eyes create the look pack 01

Name: Ocean Eyes Create The Look Pack
Brand: Mememe
Size: four full size products
Price: £15.99

From Mememe’s website:
Dive into the deep colour spectrum of marine inspired shades.
Includes a baked quad palette, Eyeline Moss, FatCat volumising mascara and how-to guide.

What I liked:
– eyeliners are pigmented, easy to apply and longlasting
– eyeshadows are intense when used wet

What I didn’t like:
– mascara doesn’t do anything for the lashes
– eyeshadows look sheer and muddy when used dry

Although I have already reviewed all the products in the Mememe Ocean Eyes Create The Look Pack separately, I thought it may be useful, for people interested in purchasing this set, to do a recap. The set, which promises to help you achieve the “ultimate ocean eyes”, features Fat Cat Volumising Mascara in Black, Eyeliner Pencil in Coal Black, EyeSweep Precision Eye defining Pen in Hot Black, Ocean Eyes Baked Powder Eyeshadow Quad Palette, and a create the look “how to guide”.

So, is it worth buying, or should you just get the one or two products you’re most interested in? Let’s see:

mememe baked eyeshadow quad ocean eyes 03
Let’s start with the Ocean Eyes Baked Powder Eyeshadow Quad Palette. In the pan, the four green and blue shades look dark, intense, and mysterious. On the lids, you can get a similar effect only if you use them wet (which I can’t be bothered to). Used dry, they are on the sheer side, and look very similar. But at least they all blend easily, even though the two shimmery shades are quite gritty to the touch. Oh, and don’t forget to use a base. Without, they won’t last much.

mememe fat cat mascara 03
Although the palette was disappointing, Fat Cat Volumising Mascara in Black performed even worse. On my lashes, it didn’t do anything at all. No volume, no length, and barely any definition. On the plus side, it lasts long and doesn’t clump. Even so, only ladies into the no-makeup makeup look, may enjoy this.

mememe eye sweep precision eye definer 03
At this point, you’re probably thinking that this set sucks. But the two eyeliners make up for the poor performance of the eyeshadow quad and mascara. EyeSweep Precision Eye defining Pen in Hot Black is a liquid eyeliner with a felt tip applicator. It glides smoothly on the lid, releasing a black and intense line of colour that doesn’t smudge nor fade throughout the day. The felt tip is on the thick side, though, so, if you’re new to liquid eyeliners, you may find drawing thin lines with it a bit of a challenge at first.

mememe eye line eye pencil coal 03
For those who, like me, prefer eyeliner pencils, the set also contains Eyeliner Pencil in Coal Black. True to its name, this pigmented pencil is a coal black shade that beautifully defines the eyes. Easy to use, it has a smooth texture that makes application a breeze. Staying power? On the lids, it lasts about 8 hours. On the waterline, only 2. Still, that’s a lot longer than most eyeliners, which usually fade within minutes of application.

mememe ocean eyes create the look pack 02

The set also comes with instructions on how to achieve the look. Although they’re clear and easy-to-follow, they don’t mention that you need to use the eyeshadows wet to get a look that resembles that worn by the model. Try using them dry, and you’ll just get a soft and muddy look. That’s why I recommend the set only to those interested in trying both the eyeliners. Although, even then, most people will only need one, so better buy it separately.

Mememe Ocean Eyes Create The Look Pack features a liquid and a pencil eyeliner which deliver intense black shades that last for hours. However, the eyeshadows only work when used wet, and the mascara doesn’t do anything.

Rating: 3.5/5

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