Product Review: Marc Jacobs Daisy EDT

by Gio


Name: Daisy EDT
Brand: Marc Jacobs
Size: 1.7oz
Price: $76.00

What I liked:
– fresh, bright, and youthful scent
– beautiful packaging

What I didn’t like:
– not very original
– doesn’t last long

I love daisies. These simple, unpretentious flowers grace meadows and fields in summer with their cheerful presence. They put a smile on our faces, are easy to draw, and can even reveal if that guy we fancy loves us back (ok, maybe not, but who hasn’t played that game at least once?).

But it’s only when I finally tried Marc Jacobs Daisy not too long ago that I realised I have never smelled a real daisy. So, I turned to google. A quick search revealed that while some types of daisies have no scent at all, others smell disagreeably green. Some went so far as to say they stink as “dirty butt”. 🙁

Well, I’m pleased to report there’s nothing dirty nor disagreeable about Daisy, the Marc Jacobs scent. Rather than recreating the true smell of daisies, the brand has come up with a scent that evokes their playful, fresh, and carefree spirit. A spray of Daisy transports you to a blooming meadow on a sunny and warm summer day.

It opens with the fresh, green and sparkling accord of violet leaf and grapefruit, softened by a dollop of sweet and creamy strawberries. The heart is supposed to be a bouquet of gardenia, violet, and jasmine, but their scents are so sheer and well-blended together that it’s difficult to distinguish any particular flower. It smells lovely, though. All too soon, it’s time for the drydown. Pale and soft, it’s a blend of white woods and musky, laced in a thin veil of vanilla.

There’s nothing original or remarkable about Daisy. Yet, just like the flower, it captures your heart with its pleasantness and simplicity. Bright and fun, it’s perfect for teenagers, or whoever feels young at heart. Unfortunately, it is also as fleeting as youth. Subtle from the very beginning, Daisy is completely gone within five hours. If you fall in love with it, prepare to reapply it a lot throughout the day.

I really can’t put up with that, which is why I won’t be getting a full size bottle anytime soon. But I wouldn’t mind receiving one as a present. Or try the EDP version. That should last longer and, from what I’ve heard, be a bit more sophisticated too.

Marc Jacobs Daisy EDT is a fun, bright, and cheerful scent that evokes a blooming meadow on a warm and sunny summer days. I just wish it lasted longer on the skin.

Rating: 3.5/5

Disclosure: the review contains an affiliate link. For more information, please see my disclaimer.

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