Bring The Salon Home With Kiss Beautiful Brow Kit

by Gio

kiss beautiful brow kit 01

Confession time: I’ve never been to an eyebrow salon. It scares me a bit. Threading and waxing sound like forms of torture to me, and, even when tweezers are used, I’m always afraid they’ll over pluck my brows.

But I still need to do something to my brows, at least for special occasions. So, if the girl won’t go to the salon, the salon must come to her. And a nifty little salon, called Kiss Beautiful Brow Kit and packaged in a cute white plastic box, landed on my desk just a couple of weeks ago. How convenient!

Kiss Beautiful Brow Kit has almost everything you need to create perfect brows at home: two eyebrow shades to fill in your brows, a highlighter to brighten the eye area, a wax and a spoolie brush to tame unruly hairs, four stencils to get the shape just right, a dual-ended brush for easier application, a little comb, and even a mini razor!

kiss beautiful brow kit 02

The only thing that is missing from this kit is a mirror, which is weird. When have you ever seen a brow salon that doesn’t have a mirror? But it’s no biggie. We all have one, or three, mirrors at home, haven’t we?

But don’t use one you have to hold with your hands, or you won’t be able to use the stencils properly. They are the best part of the brow kit. Of any brow kit, really. But most of them don’t even include a small one.

Kiss Beautiful Brow Kit contains four, ranging from Natural to create big full brows, to Delicate for short and thin, but perfectly arched brows. Although these stencils may not fit any brow shape perfectly, they still provide an useful guide, particularly for newbies, helping them figure out how to give a nice shape to their brows.

kiss beautiful brow kit 03

You don’t need to calculate where your eyebrows begin, where they end, where the arch should start… just put the stencil on your brows and let it guide your hand. Easy peasy.

The stencil I use most often is Natural because, well, it is the one that looks most natural on me. It’s also the one that best fits my natural eyebrow shape. But the other three stencils may come in handy should I ever decide to try a different shape. But for now, let’s keep things natural…

The second step, after choosing the right stencils for you, is to get rid of unwanted hair. That’s always the ugliest part, isn’t it? Hair removal is never pretty and too often painful. I still haven’t got used to the plucking pain of tweezers and I doubt I ever will. I mean, I don’t want to get used to pain, you know? It just sounds wrong.

kiss beautiful brow kit 04

I had been thinking for a while about buying an eyebrow razor to make the hair removal process as fast and painless as possible. Well, Kiss must have heard my wishes, because the Beautiful Brow Kit contains a mini razor rather than a pair of those flimsy tweezers that can’t pluck anything bar the longest hairs.

The razor is “hidden” under the comb. You have to remove the plastic cap first. I hadn’t noticed it at first, but I almost jumped for joy when I did. It’s still a bit flimsy and you do need a firm hand (scratching at your skin is not particularly pleasant), but it gets rid of all those stray, unwanted hairs, painlessly. Finally!

Now, it’s fill in time! You can choose between two shades, a soft warm brown, and a cool-toned dark brown. The latter is absolutely perfect for me, which was a pleasant surprise.

kiss beautiful brow kit 05

Usually, I go for brow shades that are similar to my hair colour, or mix and match them to create a custom shade. This time I didn’t have to. The dark brown is a perfect match for me. Do I hear bells ringing in the background? I think so.

Both powders, which are very soft to the to the touch, have just the right colour payoff. They’re sheer but buildable, making it easy to achieve a natural look. Just hold the stencil up to the brow and fill it in using upward strokes. And your own brushes. The one provided by Kiss is firm, but scratchy.

Once you’re done, use the spoolie brush (this one is super small but decent) and the wax to tame any unruly hairs and keep the powder in its place. Go easy on the wax. It has a shiny finish, so if you use too much, your eyebrows will looks greasy! You don’t want that!

kiss beautiful brow kit 06

A little is all you need. It gives your brows a subtle lustrous finish while making sure the powder won’t budge until you are ready to remove it. When I took my makeup off at night, most of the colour was still there.

We’re almost done. There’s only one step left: highlighter. It is a beautiful cream shade with a smooth texture that produces, just like the eyebrow powders, the tiniest amount of fallout. Sweep it on the browbone, and watch your eyes lit up. And voilà, you now have well-groomed brows and a polished look.

Although I have used other brow kits before, this was the first time that I thought, WOW! Maybe I could have filled in my eyebrows a bit more (I just like this sparser look better because I think it looks more natural), but I’m in love with the result.

It may be down to the shade – the right match makes all the difference, doesn’t it? – but I finally have brows I can be proud of. And I don’t have to tweeze anymore, which is always a plus. I think I’ll be doing my eyebrows a lot more often in the future!


Pros: Shades are sheer but buildable and have a soft texture that blends easily, Wax gives brows a lustrous finish and makes the powder last for ages, Stencils make it easy to create a nice shape; Razor makes hair removal painless.

Cons: Shades produce a minimal amount of fallout, The brushes provided are quite flimsy and mostly useless; Lacks a mirror.

Summary: Kiss Beautiful Brow Kit contains everything you need to create naturally well-groomed and polished eyebrows quickly and painlessly.

Price & Availability: £8.99 at Asda

Rating: 4.5/5

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cheryl woodman July 27, 2015 - 4:48 pm

Your brows look lovely! LOVE the idea of the razor, wonder if it trims those long eyebrow hairs too? I am TOO much of a control freak to get in the threading seat for a uniform chop of the eyebrow hairs!!

Gio July 28, 2015 - 1:25 pm

Cheryl, thank you! I haven’t tried to use the razor to trim hairs yet, but it doesn’t look like it will do that well. But I love being finally able to remove those little stray hairs painlessly!

Janessa July 28, 2015 - 4:30 am

You write so well and I really like the line ‘if the girl won’t go to the salon, the salon must come to her’ and that’s so true! I got my eyebrows waxed six years ago and cringe, the lady made me look chronically angry… ’til they grew back. My brows are naturally really arched and I just can’t do a hard angle on the bottom and top. I’ve developed my brow shape over the years and have always been careful to keep them full. If I want them thin for a makeup look, glue or concealer and foundation is my friend.
I used to cut my eyebrow hairs super short (nearly shaving without getting that near the roots) just to match my caramel colored hair haha.
Nowadays, I tweeze minimally and use scissors to trim at the roots and shorten hairs. I also like to use a mini razor blade (for brows). My brow shape is angled, and looks sharp but it’s a mixture of a soft arc by the brow bone and more linear towards the inner part. I keep the top part of the brow relatively soft (no hard edges when filling in or grooming). Not a really helpful description, but possibly?
I’ve also bought a brow book pdf by the supposed brow whisperer and while I agree with a lot of the material, I think brow angles, shapes, and lengths are specific to the individual. I treat brows on myself and others (when I do my friend’s or people’s makeup) by making the angle, shape, color, as flattering as possible as if designing brows for a character. 😀 Tailored to their natural hairs and unexaggerated of course.

I wasn’t sure if you liked to do your brows much since they already look so nice without filling them in but figured if it’s makeup, it’s love…. But now!!!! Just you wait for the parcel!! <– this might not make much sense but maybe you'll understand me!

Gio July 28, 2015 - 6:15 am

Janessa, I agree with you. Everyone has different brows. Shape, colour, size, they are specific to the individual indeed. They need to be enhanced, not changed. Unfortunately, I feel like too many brow “experts” at salons just give everyone the same kind of brow, and that often ends in disaster. So sorry that happened to you. But your friends are lucky to have you do their eyebrows.

Can’t wait for your parcel. I’m so curious now!. Thanks again for sending it!

Janessa July 28, 2015 - 4:25 pm


Gauri July 28, 2015 - 5:49 am

I love Kiss Beautiful Brow Kit for it’s pocket friendly prices!

Gio July 28, 2015 - 6:16 am

Gauri, I love the price too! and it works so well too.

Kiss & Make-up July 28, 2015 - 10:24 am

Hmmmm, honestly, I don’t think this is the brow kit for me. I just switches to brow pencil again, but I’m thinking about going back to gel.

Gio July 28, 2015 - 10:38 am

Melissa, I like brow pencils too, when they sheer. They can be very natural. But I love the convenience of having everything I need in one kit. 🙂


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