Nails Are Coming Up Roses At HC LuxSpa

by Gio

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What’s better than an afternoon of shopping?

An afternoon of shopping AND pampering, of course!

After browsing the huge halls of Westfield Shopping Center in White City, and enjoying a delicious berry muffin in one of the cafès, I popped into the HC LuxSpa in Marks & Spencer’s to have my nails done. What a delightful experience it was!

HC LuxSpa is an one-stop shop for nail treatments. Want a gel manicure? Check. A fun nail art? Check. A strengthening treatment for your broken and fragile nails? Check. A simple, no-frills manicure? Check again. Whatever your nails crave, they have it. And you can get your brows done there too!

I settled for their signature manicure. It’s only £35.00 with a regular polish, (£40.00 with a gel one). That was the easy part. Choosing a shade was a lot trickier. HC LuxSpa uses nail polishes by Morgan Taylor, and they’re available in a vast array of shades.

Soft neutrals, pretty pastels, sparkly glitters, vivid brights, mysterious dark hues… There’s something for everyone. Usually, I love anything bright and sparkling, but I had a job interview the next day, so I opted for something more subdued and neutral: Coming Up Roses, a muted mauve creme. It worked, I got the gig. 😉

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But first things first. Rebecca, the store manager and nail art genius (those above are her designs; amazing, aren’t they?), asked me to fill in a form about my nail problems and medical history. Once that was out of the way, Rebecca started doing her magic on my nails.

She started by massaging my hands and arms with heated mittens. Then, she gave my nails a rounded shape, and buffed them. I usually skip this part when I do my nails at home, because all the buffers I tried were quite hard and harsh. So not good for nails.

Rebecca agrees. She says that a buffer must be soft so as to smooth out the nail but not remove its important protective layers. That’s why hers is super soft! Seriously, if I hadn’t tried it, I wouldn’t have believed how soft a buffer could be.

Next, it was time to get rid of those cuticles. First, Rebecca applied a gel on them to soften them up, and then she started to push them back and remove those little skin bits around the nails. Her tools looked like instruments of torture and, yes, this was the least pleasant part of the treatment, but Rebecca was really gentle.

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Most importantly, she uses a new set of tools on every customer. Very hygienic. Wouldn’t be good to give customers an infection to skimp on such a small expense, would it?

If this part was the least pleasant, what followed next was the most enjoyable. Rebecca again massaged my hands and arms with heated mittens, exfoliated them with Salt Of The Earth Shea Butter Creamy Scrub, and moisturized them with Salt Of The Earth Whipped Body Cream.

Their tropical scent is absolutely gorgeous! I was so relaxed, I almost fell asleep, certain I’d woken up on an exotic beach. Plus, my skin was so soft and smooth afterwards!

Finally, all too soon it was time to paint those nails. A base coat is essential not to stain the nails yellow (ewww!). Rebecca used Seche Retain. It has a lovely shiny finish. Seriously, if you’re in a rush, you can just apply that and head out the door. Your nails will look amazing!

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Then, Rebecca applied two coats of Morgan Taylor Coming Up Roses. Although, if you ask me, once was enough. It’s so pigmented! It goes on really smoothly too. The formula is lovely. And the colour you see in the bottle is exactly what you get on the nails. So no surprises there!

The next step was, obviously, a top coat. Rebecca used Seche Vite. You know how amazing this stuff is already, don’t you? So, I won’t bore you with it.

One last step. Cuticle oil. Dadi oil is made with a blend of olive oil, avocado oil, and jojoba oil, and helps to keep cuticles (and nails) strong and moisturized. Spend £15.00 on any brow or nail treatment, and you’ll receive a little bottle for free too. Isn’t that nice?

How long did the signature manicure take? 40 minutes, but it felt like 10. Times flies by when you’re being pampered, doesn’t it? The manicure lasted a lot longer, obviously. About 5 days before the tiniest chipping appeared. That’s quite impressive, isn’t it?

In case you didn’t get it already, I loved my manicure, and I’d happily recommend it. It’s great value for money, and a wonderful treat for your nails.

Next time, though, I won’t just have my nails done. I’ll get my brows done too. SpaBrowTM, a threading experience that promises no pain and no downtime, is tempting me. If that’s not your up of tea, HC LuxSpa also offers normal threading, tinting, and natural lash extensions. There really is something for everyone here!


Pros: Beautiful manicure that lasts for 5 days; A totally pampering and relaxing experience; Great customer service; Affordable.

Cons: I honestly can’t think of anything.

Summary: The signature manicure at HC LuxSpa is a pampering and relaxing treat that leaves your nails looking amazing for at least five days.

Price & Availability: £35 at HC LuxSpa In Mark & Spencer’s store in Westfield, White City.

Rating: 4.5/5

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