Product Review: Batik White Musk

by Gio

batik white musk

Name: White Musk
Brand: Batik
Size: 0.9 fl.oz
Price: €7,00

What I liked:
– pleasant white musk blend
– good sillage
– decent staying power
– pretty packaging
– the price

What I didn’t like:
– unoriginal and predictable
– if you don’t like white musk, this is not for you

I found a bottle of Batik White Musk while I was helping my mom spring clean her stash. She’s not a huge fan of perfume. I guess it must have skipped a generation because I inherited my passion for it from her mother, who has a small, but well thought-out collection that she jealously guards. My mom instead prefers fresh and wearable concoctions. And the cheaper, the better.

So, I didn’t expect much from Batik White Musk. But, because I love this note, I just had to try it. The verdict? Predictable but pleasant, as I expected. White musk is present from the very beginning, but its pervasiveness is kept in check in the top notes by a generous dose of citrusy fruits that gives the blend a fresh and youthful vibe.

The heart is a floral bouquet. The flowers are so well-blended together that it’s hard to distinguish them. My nose can clearly detect only jasmine, spread out on a bed of white musk. At this stage the fragrance sweetens and becomes warmer. Finally, in the drydown, white musk is allowed to shine. But although it’s the most prominent note, giving the scent a warm and sensual vibe, it never becomes too loud or overpowering.

Unless you spray on too much, but then that’s true for any perfume. You don’t really need more than one spritz though. That way, the fragrance stays relatively close the skin allowing only those very near you to smell it. Staying power is ok. I get about 8 hours of wear. I thought the drydown would last longer, to be honest, but even so, White Musk is a very decent fragrance for the price.

Batik White Musk is a simple and wearable white musk concoction with good sillage and decent staying power. However, there’s nothing original about it.

Rating: 3.5/5

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