Book Review: 365 Style By Nicky Hilton

by Gio

365 style nicky hilton

Title: 365 Style
Author: Nicky Hilton
Pages: 304
Price: $15.36

From red carpets and runways to front row at Fashion Week, designer and muse Nicky Hilton has earned her reputation as a style icon. Exposed to the top tier of the fashion industry from childhood, in this style guide Hilton reveals tips and tricks of the trade she has learned along the way.
Never having employed a stylist, Hilton has created her own personal style. In this guide she helps you discover yours. Despite her opulent upbringing, Nicky maintains a less-is-more mindset and instructs you how to look like a million—without spending a million.
Her formula for creating your signature style is as easy as 3-6-5. Consider the 3 main aspects of your lifestyle, choose 6 staple items of clothing, and identify 5 essential accessories. This simple plan will allow you to make savvy wardrobe selections that keep you on-trend and out of hoarder status, for good.
Nicky shares her best-kept style secrets:
*The $30 wardrobe item you can’t live without
*The one closet accessory that keeps you organized at all times
*Five must-have wardrobe items
*DIY upgrades: from bygone to brilliant
*How to pack like a jet-setter
Full of personal stories, style successes, fashion mishaps and more, 365 Style is the ultimate guide to fashion from the style expert turned best friend you never knew you had!

Are you planning to revamp your wardrobe but don’t have a lot of money to spend on clothes, shoes, and accessories? Nicky Hilton can help. Despite her millions, Nicky has a less-is-more attitude to fashion, and has created a system that allows any woman to find and maintain her signature style without spending a fortune.

Her system is called 365. Basically, you first need to identify the 3 main aspects of your life. For instance, work, free time, and night outs. Then, for each occasion, come up with 6 staple items of clothing and 5 accessories to complement them. Repeat for every season. This way, you can create a wardrobe that will suit your lifestyle rather than purchase lots of beautiful clothes you’ll never have a chance to wear.

Following this system makes shopping very easy too. Rather than being overwhelmed at the wide array of clothes in the shops and get distracted by every pretty thing you see, you’ll already know which pieces best suit your lifestyle and will be able to concentrate on what you really need and know you’ll wear again and again.

But there’s a lot more in this book. Nicky shares her tips for travelling in style, how to look for bargains at small markets and sample sales, how to organize your wardrobe and lots more. She also stresses the importance of having your clothes altered by a seamstress for a perfect fit. It’s not as expensive as you think and will make your clothes look like they were created just for you.

Although none of her tips is new or groundbreaking (you can easily find them in magazines and blogs), it’s handy to have them all in one place. This is especially true for teenagers or women who are just starting to get into fashion, and need to learn the basics in a clear, concise, and entertaining way.

Nicky comes across as down-to-earth and friendly, and reading her book feels like talking to a friend, albeit one who’s travelled the world and met some of the most famous people on the planet. She drops a few names and shares lots of family anecdotes, which add a personal touch to the book.

And so do the photos. 365 style is beautifully illustrated, both with family pictures and beautiful outfits. I highly recommend it to any woman who wants to find and embrace her own style rather than just follow the latest trends.

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In 365 Style, Nicky Hilton teaches you a simple system that will allow you to create a wardrobe that suits your lifestyle, tastes, and figure without breaking the bank. Although her advice isn’t groundbreaking, it’s friendly and easy to follow.

Rating: 3.5/5

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Chic Readings November 22, 2014 - 2:21 am

Nice review, I have actually read the book before and I find it very easy to read and manage trough but there are definitely a lot better books on style than this one:)

Gio November 22, 2014 - 7:37 am

Helena, I agree. I think this is a great read for fashion newbies who just want to figure out the basics and not be overwhelmed with too much information. But if you prefer something more comprehensive, this will disappoint.

Natalye November 23, 2014 - 4:17 am

good review!

Gio November 23, 2014 - 12:03 pm

Natalye, glad you enjoyed it.


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