The Only Makeup Brush Set You’ll Ever Need

by Gio

What if all your makeup brushes had the same shape?

Like, a large base tapered off to a pointed tip? Think about it. You can use the tapered point for detailed work, like applying shadows and liners right where you need them, and then blend them with the larger base.

You don’t need to label them eyeshadow brush, highlighter brush, etc, either. Just go with the size that best fits the area. Quick. Easy. Revolutionary.

That’s what Sam and Nic, a.k.a. the Pixiwoo sisters, have done with their latest brush collection, MultiTech. The 4 smaller brushes are handily packed into the Real Techniques MultiTech Small Points Set. Here’s what’s inside:

Point S

What is it for?: all-over shadows, concealer, contour lines, highlighter + more

This is the biggest brush in the set. I tried using it to sweep colour all over my lids but it didn’t work. It’s too big for my small eyes.

Next, I tried using it as a concealer brush. That’s when I fell in love with it. I conceal my undereye areas using the triangle method, which covers a big area. This brush was just the right size for it and blended everything effortlessly.

I also like to use it to contour the sides of my nose and apply highlighter on my cheekbones.

Point XS

What is it for?: colour correcting, concealer, crease shadow + more

I don’t really do much colour correcting, but I really dig this for concealing pimples and applying eyeshadows to my crease. It blends everything quickly and the result is so natural!

Point XXS

What is it for?: detailed highlighting, detailed shadow, lip blending + more

I turn to this little thing the most for applying eyeshadows to my outer V. I use a bigger crease brush to blend it, but its rounded, pointed shape allows me to apply the colour right where I need it.

It’s also handy for highlighting your Cupid’s bow or any other small areas like that where precision is key.

Point XXXS

What is it for?: brow filling, smokey liner, smudged liner, lip detailing + more

This is for super precise, detailed work. I mainly use it to line my upper and lower lashlines, but it also comes in very handy when I have to fill in the tails of my brows. And, of course, it doubles up as a lip brush, too.

One-Size-Fits-All Brush Stand

In case you’re wondering how the heck you’re gonna store even more brushes (it’s not just me, is it?), this set comes with its own brush holder. It’s a silvery thing that doesn’t look like much on its own, but is quite pretty with plenty of brushes nestled in it.

And you do want plenty of brushes in it. If you only store 3 or 4, those pesky little things will slide out of every hole! (That’s why I usually prefer to store my brushes in a glass, by the way).

What Else Do You Need To Know?

All the brushes are super soft to the touch. They glide on my skin smoothly without scratching me. Plus, they don’t shed after washing. Ok, I’ve only gotten the brushes a couple of months ago but so far, they’re holding up pretty well.

Did I mention you can use them with everything? Powders, liquids… Seriously, these are the most versatile brushes I’ve ever come across. Each one of them has, like 5 uses. There’s nothing you can’t do with these.

Price & Availability: £30.00 at Superdrug

Rating: 4.5/5

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