The Smart Set That Helped Me Master The Art Of Eyeliner

by Gio

real techniques eyelining set

I don’t know what I struggle with the most… applying bronzer so I don’t look like I’ve just fallen in a pool of mud… or drawing a straight line with eyeliner.

While I’m working on mastering the elusive art of bronzing, I think I’ve finally found a solution for all my eyeliner woes: Real Techniques Collector’s Edition Eyelining Set. Created by the Pixiwoo sisters, Sam and Nic Chapman, the set features four brushes that turn eyeliner application from an absolute nightmare into a complete breeze.

Yes, even if you’re a newbie. Yes, even if you’re the clumsiest person on the planet. Yes, really.

Let’s take a closer look to each brush, shall we?

real techniques pointed liner brush

The Pointed Liner Brush has a small but broad, flat and tapered head that easily allows you to create both thin and thick lines. The bristles are stiff, but by no means scratchy, and work well both with liquid and gel formulas. I also use it as a brow brush, to fill in any sparse areas and give my eyebrows a fuller, polished look.

real techniques eyeliner brush

The Eyeliner Brush has a firm, angled head designed to provide optimal control along the lash line. I find it’s particularly suitable to create cat flick looks. It shape fits into the outer corner of my eye well, allowing me to achieve the feline look really easily.

real techniques smudge brush

The Smudge Brush has densely packed soft bristles shaped like a “C”. It can be used to soften and blend out harsh eyeliner lines to create sexy smokey or messy grunge looks. But I prefer to use it to apply eyeshadows on the lower lash lines. It gives a very soft, natural look, which I love.

real techniques precision liner brush

The Precision Liner Brush is the smallest. The bristles are short, pointed, and tapered, which is supposed to make it easy to apply eyeliner with the utmost precision. While it’s very precise indeed, I find the head a bit flimsy. That’s why, unlike the other brushes, this one took a bit of getting used to. It’s also the most delicate brush of the lot. As I was washing it, the head literally fell off. Boooohh! I wasn’t being particularly hard on it, but lesson learned: this one must be handled with extra care!

These brushes are a joy to work with, and a joy to behold. The shiny purple handles are absolutely beautiful, and a nice change from the usual black or wooden handles most brushes have.

The set also comes with a pretty silver pouch to store the brushes in. That’s very handy, especially for travelling. No matter where I am, from now on, I’ll always be able to create any eyeliner look I crave with ease and precision.

Thanks Sam and Nic!


Pros: The set makes it easy to create any type of eyeliner shape and look you want; The Pointed Liner Brush allows you to draw both thin and thick lines, and doubles up as an eyebrow brush; The Eyeliner Brush is perfect for cat flick looks; The Smudge Brush can be used both to create smokey looks and apply eyeshadows on the lower lashline; The Precision Liner Brush is the smallest, and allows you to work with precision even in small areas; Very pretty, the brushes have shiny purple handles; The set comes with a stylish silver pouch to store the brushes in.

Cons: The Precision Liner Brush is a bit flimsy, and its head breaks off easily.

Summary: Real Techniques Collector’s Edition Eyelining Set contains everything you need to create any type of eyeliner shape, size, and look you wish, with easy and precision.

Price & Availability: £16.95

Rating: 4/5

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