Product Review: Senna Totally Transforming Concealer

by Gio

Senna Totally Transforming Concealer is available in only 7 shades. I have Neutral Light, a medium beige for olive skin tones that’s way too dark for me. But hey, I gave it a go anyway just so I could write this review for you.

What I discovered? The shades’s wrong but the concealer’s right. I totally dig it.

Senna Totally Transforming Concealer has a dry consistency so I suggest putting it on after you’ve applied moisturizer to let it glide on more smoothly and get the best results.

The texture is also quite thick, but once applied on the skin, it feels like I have nothing on. I was also worried it would cake, but luckily that didn’t happen.

The concealer comes with a doe-foot wand applicator to apply just a couple of small dots wherever you need them and then you can just blend them with either a brush or fingers. Either way, it works well and covers redness, small imperfections and dark circles.

It didn’t cover them completely, but mine are so bad, most concealer don’t anyway. And once applied and set with powder, it will stay put all day without creasing. It also doesn’t set in the fine lines around my eyes, but if you have dry skin, it would be better to moisturize the eye area well beforehand.

Available at: £26.00 at Senna Cosmetics

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